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For information and advice on the French Auto-Entrepreneur scheme for small business owners.

When I read the rules for the CESU system thinking I would use it to pay someone to build a veranda for me, I came to the conclusion that it was far too complicated and potentially dangerous if you would be paying the same person on a regular basis. For example, they could ask for an employment contract and holiday pay. It really does just seem suitable for people doing a few hours for a few different "employers".

From what I gather Veronique cheque emploi is similar to PAYE in the UK. There are rules to be observed, presumably, limits to be applied. Then the social charges to pay on top of course, which is almost double. Then, if you are a taxpayer you can claim some of this back I understand. All sounds like a complete headache to me. Of course I haven't grown up with the system. Plus, they, the ordinary householder has to have an employers insurance as well.

When I ran a PAYE system for the people working for me in the UK I wouldn't call that simple. Much easier just to paye the individual and let them worry about their own tax liabilities as we do in the UK. Unless you are an Employer.

Which system would I far, the UK model.

??? Chèque emploi service is EASY!! What do you mean responsibilities that go with it? Apart from paying social charges as any employer should, there aren't any. It really is simple. There is no 'chèque emploi status' it is just a way of LEGALLY employing somebody to do odd-jobs or one-off bits of work. If you think employing a person legally gives you headaches, try doing it on the black.

Thanks for the advice, in some ways it has become a little clearer and I think I should be aiming for CDD status but I know that the school is not keen on this (I don't want to jeopardise getting this job). There is a possibility that I could have a couple of private students as well....that sounds like I'd have to do cheque emploi as well...I agree Robert, it is all rather a mess!!

I was going to suggest "cheque emploi" but didn't know exactly the conditions required. What a dreadfully complicated system the french have created for themselves. If I were a private individual there is no way I would want to offer my gardener a cheque emploi status simply because of the responsibilities that go with it. My french neighbour does it for her gardener and I regularly copy all the documents she has to produce. Well, every 3 months anyway?

These are the sort of changes that the government need to look at "post haste" in my opinion. There must be thousands and thousands of people willing to work but can't for one reason or another???

Vacataire status applies only to the public sector (Education Nationale) so you need a CDD stipulating part-time work from the company who have set up the school.

Lots of private companies talk about emplying people with vacataire status but it has no legal basis at all where they are concerned.

Another possibility might be cheque emploi-service but again I'm not sure a commercial entity can pay people that way, just private individuals.

sharon you could be asked to be paid as a "vacataire" which is a temporary contract and most language schools offer this to non AE people. As you also need to be able to invoice at least 2 companies to be an AE - otherwise you are considered as an employee.

Hi there, I wonder if anyone can advise; I'm due to start running English language classes two days a week and will have to register as an AE in order to invoice the company that have set up the school. I don't really want to go down this road and someone mentioned to my OH that I can invoice another way, using a 'cheque de something'...sorry to be vague but this wasn't a direct conversation! Is there any other way apart from AE or ME?

I am in the Centre, the Loiret (45) not far from Orléans and Fontainebleau.

Hi Louise, I'm in the Gers and you?

Hello Rachael. I am interested to learn that you are a VA too. Whereabouts are you in France?

Hello Micala I'm a VA and would be interested in joining the Facebook page as well. Just clicked on the link to have a look.

Also feel free to talk to Sheila Walshe Blackmore who is an admin on this site (and absolutely lovely to boot) - she does the same too and is a mine of sensible info. Hope this helps! x

Yes, fine.

Thank you Louise for your very kind offer, yes please, l would very much like to take you up on your offer of help and advise, l have sent a friend request , l hope this is ok?

Hi Micala...Thanks for the invite but l am already a member!...l posted a question regards siret numbers and B&B's gites which had an overwhelming response...but for Louise and Julia...l can recommend the group, great ladies, great advise and good fun too!

Katherine, I am also working as a VA and would be happy to give you any information or help. I set up as an auto-entrepreneur.

Micala - I would be interested in joining the Facebook page too.

Thank you for the facebook link Micala, I didn't know of the group. I work as an agent commercial/estate agent as I couldn't get work locally as a bilingual PA/Secretary but I'll ask to join the Ladies in Business and see what transpires!

Katherine Alexander... If you are registered to work in France with a siret number you might like to consider joining Ladies in Business in France Facebook Group - Strictly Ladies only who have their own business in France. There is a post there where a fellow member is looking to connect with virtual PAs for assignments. If you would like to join, I can signpost you to the thread Micala Wilkins