Auto-Entrepreneurs - it was inevitable and just an good way of compiling a database for the French Impot

Entrepreneur fraud crackdown

February 03, 2011

AUTO-entrepreneurs should have their businesses closed after 18 months if they fail to declare any turnover, a MPs’ report advises.

Among other proposals in the report, which examines issues surrounding France’s simplest business regime, is that more power should be given to combat fraud.

A committee of three MPs produced key recommendations to the government, including that all auto-entrepreneurs should be forced into traditional business regimes after three years.

Other proposals include:

  • More powers to anti-fraud office the DGCCRF to crack down on fraud such as false turnover, and disguised employment – where businesses force employees to set up as auto-entrepreneurs instead of employing them directly.

  • Auto-entrepreneurs should receive clearer warnings on their responsibilities to carry insurance appropriate to their work.

  • Those who carry out artisan work, even when it is not their main activity, must sign up with their local chambre de métiers.

  • Enforced monthly or three-monthly turnover declarations, even if ‘zero’.

    The reports also recommend extending the simple sign-up and payment procedures to France’s traditional self-employed business regimes.

Thank you so much to Graham and Katherine this has cleared up some major concerns that I had and I can now go to bed and sleep better before recommencing my daily work tomorrow.


There is a lot of information on the web that might help - I am not an expert on this so I cannot really comment regarding your position. Your social and tax numbers should not change and are with you for life ? There is still a lot of confusion about Auto entrepreneurs status especially when you change regime. Try an accountant - initial visit should be free !

Can anyone help me please. I was registered as Activite Artistique for 4 years and then after much confusion managed to cease this activity in order to start as auto entrepreneur - secretaire au domicil (yesterday). When we arrived at the Chambre des Metier we were informed that although I had attended the Tax Office and they had ceased my paperwork they had not ceased my number. Now the friend with me, whose French is so much better than mine, asked if the lady would try to contact the Tax Office and she refused (bad feelings between the two ladies I believe). So then my friend asked if it would be possible to try to carry out the registration which the lovely lady did and it looks as though I am registered. However I note that I still seem to have the same 9 numbered digit as I did as Activite Artistique - is this correct. I am tempted to just use it and see what happens. I also presume that as I am now registered to pay my cotisations that CPAM will ask for my carte vital back (which I do not want to do as it takes months to get them back) - is it possible to just use the same card I would have thought so as the social security number is the same. Apparently there is a tax charge for being registered as auto entrepreneur of around 250 euros per year which I am not exonerated from as I had been previously registered as Activite Artistique does anyone know if this is correct. Also there is an Act of Insolvency which must be completed at a Notaire’s to protect your home and property from creditors - you cannot fill this out at the Chambre des Metiers as stated in a certain French/Anglo newspaper - what is the charge for this.

The above are just suggestions at the moment, as far as I am aware it’s only the declaration of ‘0’ turnover that has been made law and you should receive a letter about it, I received one this week.

These things seem fair enough to me but god help you if you are setting up as an auto entrepreneur in a business not understood in France. How to obtain insurance cover for what I want to do may be very hard indeed!