Auto entrpreneur confusion

Hi all, i have achieved the status of auto entrepreneur and received my official letter. however, i have also been sent numerous letters regarding pension schemes which, according to the companies, are compulsory and i must subscribe within 3 months. Is this actually compulsory?

many thanks for any advice


You are allowed to employ someone as AE but it's not financially viable, so fairly pointless.

This about sums up the stupidity of the French System concerning the AE scheme, being an AE you are not allowed to employ anyone, you are self employed.

Yes it is compulsory - you have to choose one. Nothing happens once you've chosen one, you get the odd letter etc. It's just in case you later employ people then that pension scheme will be used for your salariés ;-) oups! just seen that Claire has already replied!

That is an excellent link, thanks guys!

I have filled in the form and will return it. From the look of it its just another bit of paperwork that has to be done.

You have to chose one scheme if your french is Ok read this he is very clear.

Hi Michelle

I agree with Alex and Claire that you need to make a return.

Choose 1 company, complete the form (I confirmed my self-employment and that there would be 0 employees) and return it.

Hmmm now not sure what to do! I’ve had 2 companies called humanis and klesia state that I need protection sociale, but they both seem to work for agric et arrco.
i don’t want a pension scheme so really not sure what to do!

Hi Michelle,

I registered a few months ago and received something that sounds the same. I ran it past the pole-emploi people and they said it needed filling in and sending back, so I did. I also got a letter asking for money to be registered on some kind of database, but this turned out to be a scam. Anything asking for money will be criminal, or advertising as it seems to be called.


thanks Claire, I haven'treplied to any of them so I think I will simply ignore them! I'm going to be working for language centres so I won't be employing anyone either!

I seem to remember asking this fopr my mothers auto entrepreneur registration.

The only form she had to fill in was to chose a company to make contributions to for any future emplyees she might have. Not a hope of ever doing that but she had to chose a company any way. Everything else is just baloney. All payments can be made online to cover the %

Never received any here, so I think I smell a rat.