Auto Ents HELP! ...the 2042c

so the crazy, 8 page, minefield of form 2042c...

looks to me like NOTHING applies to the auto ent husband apart from this little bit...

he has his attestation... seems a shame to pay an accountant to fill in just the one or two boxes... i seem to remember someone (@andrew h probably!) that everything was blank apart from one little bit???

x much appreciated... (and i PROMISE to help the newbies next year!)![](upload://inz5aqAtfQPlvBLHDuJDprUjGyS.jpg)

Well, in keeping with the local mentality, (and knowing your cats are sterilized) I'm afraid Twerp IS the big légume chez vous. Thanks to all for this thread, it just got me through my own 2042C adventure.

Tracy, thank you for this clarification, most helpful. The jigsaw is finally coming together.

Micela, I think you are confusing it with the taxe professionelle, which AE's are exempt from. NOBODY is exempt from declaring income tax. What everyone is talking about is the compulsory income tax declaration you must complete every year around this time.

You should receive an attestation fiscale as Sheila has mentioned then you must fill the figures in on the 2042 declaration (not sure about the letters as I do my on line, it asks you a few questions then just brings up the relevant bits) along with any other income you have received from anywhere in the world, even if you have paid tax on them elsewhere. They will then tell you if you have any income tax (taxe sur le revenue) to pay or indeed a reimbursement.

Thank you Teresa/Jean... have duly noted and found our local tax office and plan to go there on Friday, as need to sort out something for van and importing it to France, so we have a list of questions and dictionary at the ready!

Jean - thanks so much.

This is a thread from last year that has reared it's very ugly head!

I DID go to the tax office, AND i 'borrowed' a friends Connextion guide - exceptionally helpful. Thanks - that's good advice again for all of us!

x teresa

Micala - see Jeans reply below - get yourself down to your tax office... Everyone has to declare!

x t

Don't panic Teresa - I downloaded from the Connexion a very comprehensive explanation of how to fill in your French Tax Return. cost me about 8 euros but was invaluable.

All else fails, do what so many have advised, go to your local Tax Office, they're usually very helpful.

Hi all,

getting very confused about AE paperwork. Hubby registered in Aug 2012 with CoM. We were under the understanding that AEs were exempt from tax for a couple of years. We completed some lengthy document at the end of last year declaring that as AE we were exempt. Today we have received a 2042C form with direction to visit Our cotissations are paid as and when they should be. Not sure what we should be doing and would appreciate some guidance and links as to what self employed peeps should be doing/paying and where to go for advice. Thank you

hello lovely - you DID help me fill in the form - but this is a thread from last year that has reared up again - i'm all set to follow ALL YOUR GOOD advice for this year!!!

all is well and sunny in lovely provence - i'll mail you xxx

Teresa you have just made me smile after a really s***y day

I filled in the form with you and T over a coffee at the Cafe des Promenades

I remember it looked daunting but we only checked a couple of boxes and les impôts did not get back to you ie: they were happy

If nothing has changed you just fill in the non commerciaux boxes under you and conjoint

Hope all is well in sunny Provence.....Tarn misses you!

@Maria... a brilliant succinct reply - it's all coming back to me from last year. yes, that's almost exactly what we did.

use the attestation fiscale/s for the figures (husband something, me nowt) download the forms WHEN they become available - and in our case POST it to the Hotel des Impots, which i just looked up via pages jaunes...

i'm of the opinion that if you do your paperwork early enough you build in time for the wrong department to send it to the right one!

... x

Thanks Maria. I have checked the website early this morning and the up to date 2012 form doesn't appear to be there.

Hi Teresa and thanks. Know what you mean with crazy days and hazy memory! I registered for AE only last June, and there's no time limit specified on the Attestation Fiscale. Reading through it, it seems as though they just want me to confirm what I paid in taxes for last year, and have "helpfullly" set out the amount to aider moi! Thanks in advance for any light you can throw on this.

Hi Sheila - in the midst of a crazy day - but... happy to help - though i thought we moved to france at the same time as you? anyhoo...

my memory is hazy and i'll dig out the files later - but we Downloaded all the forms - we didn't go to the Hotel des Impots, i'm pretty sure someone on SF must have given me the link... i remember it was pretty straightforward to fill in, and all was accepted with no probs.

x t

(i think we have until end May don't we?!)

Hi Tracy and thanks for that. This is the first time I have received an Attestation Fiscale, so am wondering what I ask for when you say "you need to go to the Hotel des Impots and ask for one". Also, what special tax numbers? Any advice appreciated, and thanks.

Sheila, no need to do anything till they send out the tax forms unless it is your first declaration then you need to go to the Hotel des Impots and ask for one. Don't think you can do it online until you have declared once already - you need special tax numbers to open your account. Just keep collecting everything that is sent out - you should receive something from your bank too that will need entering on your form. Like the Attestation Fiscale, it will tell you which boxes to fill in.

Might be a good idea to start a new thread as I'm sure there will be plenty of questions coming up if the forms are on their way.

Ok Teresa (and everyone!) - time to take you up on your promise to help the newbies. I have just received my Attestion Fiscale 2012. I am registered AE (prof lib) since June 2012 and have made my quarterly returns on line. When applying for Carte Vitale, I listed Henry as conjoint. I presume I must now print out 2042C and fill in the boxes which are listed on the Attestion - in my case 5HQ, 5IQ and 5 JC (cadre D). Is that all I have to do? Where do I send it? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help here.

yep Tracy - thanks... I'm off to he Tax Office Monday - hopefully as Maria said it's just the one box and in the post... laughing too at 'egalite' here! in tony's opinion he comes belwo the dog but probably above the chickens...

and thankyou for the Maaf info - sounds like marvellous fun, and will keep me up to my eyes in paper once the tax is done x

That made me laugh out loud - I thought that sexist (rude word) only still existed in Malta as far as Europe is concerned. Maybe when I fill out my tax return at the end of next month I should put Twerp's name - he's only 7 but he's the male of the household, unless you count the cat.