Auto Ents HELP! ...the 2042c

Incidentally, on the basis of 'vous' and 'conjoint' I religiously filled in our first tax return many years ago the first year we were married, on the basis of the fact that I was the eldest, the only one that lived in France, the only one that earned in France and the main income provider. It was returned with the note that I was female, therefore 'vous' was the male head of the household and I was the 'conjoint' no matter what. Vive 'egalite'

Teresa, the best thing to do is to go to the Tax Office with all your figures on a bit of paper and ask them exactly which box they would like you to put them in. We did this for the first few years on the basis that if it was wrong it was their fault, not ours!

thanks Sarah, and Maria...

i am going to go to the tax office - it's a lovely trip to castres anyway... i was just hoping for a gold star like you Maira when i got there!

my shredder & printer doing overtime at the moment with all the paper!

x t

me again!

Just looked at my form - found the 5KP but not a 5HQ but if both codes apply to your husband's work then perhaps your local tax office can advise.

(Didn't mean to panic you re: rest of form. It's only that I had to add something to section 8 on back page as we also file a pink (2047) form as my husband has retirement pension.

Sorry - i know this is killing you all slowly, but erm, 'vous' is him, 'conjoint' is me (accept we're declaring on separate forms) and 'personne a charge' is someone else... so only the VOUS is appropriate / necessary

So we're given an and/or choice of 5KP OR 5HQ (and not the pic i put up!)

Back to the gin and google translate i think

and thanks Sarah... ??? the REST of the form... OMG - isn't it just the one box!

x teresa

Sarah's beaten me to it! yep just take the box n° from your attestation fiscale - of which I have three for last year (three different fiscal addresses, it's a long story to do with paying less CFE...!) and they couldn't agree on which box! 5TB for me (prof libérale), 5TA for sales, 5TE for others.

à +

Yep. There should be a choice of 3 boxes relating to Vous, Conjoint and another.

Good luck with rest of the form.

actually that makes a tiny bit of sense!

they've given us a choice on the attestation though but i'm pretty sure by midnight on the 30th i'll have it cracked - (that or the husband!)


Hi Teresa,

The Attestation Fiscale states which 'cases' (boxes) should be completed depending on activity. See table - right hand column -a reporter sur votre declaration.

Eg. if your husband works as 'non commerciaux' then you record total recettes in case 5TE.

Hope that helps