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Wondered if anyone can help? I started as 'autoentrepreneur' in Feb 2011, and as yet have not received my carte vitale. Can anyone advise me as to who I should contact/chase to get this? My status is 'profession liberale'. Is it CPAM, RAM or someone else?

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Thank you to everyone who has replied & all your advice.

My neighbour very kindly phoned RSI for me, they said everything was there & they are now sending it all over to RAM. After 15 days, I can then phone RAM. So the plot thickens!! They asked if I had been paying my cotisations!! I said Yes! for the last 2 years. I actually wonder what I've been paying them for?

We will see!!

hi Sue, have a look through my past blog posts! it took us nearly 2 years. We are Rsi ram gamex for prof lib in bourges. living near Montpellier a visit was not an option, but I had many many painful phone calls and got there in the end. do have a look through my blog posts as there might be the odd name in there.bonne chace and don't give up. keep calling rsi ramgamex and always always keep copies of everything you send in triplicate as they willk lose it.

We had the same problem and we were advised to help speed up the process by sending a copy of the 'Medecin Traitant' declaration, (Document signed by your doctor declaring he is your doctor) your birth certificate, copy of your passport and an RIB for your bank details. They wanted my husbands birth certificate to be translated to French, (needs to be done by a registered translator) but accepted mine and my daughters in english? This seemed to kick start the arrival of the attestation de Droits (which you can use in the meantime instead of your carte vitale) Then you get a request for photgraphs and voila, the carte vitale. You do of course need to send these items to the right bit of RSI, with any reference numbers documented. I would also advise sending it by 'Recommande' or 'Letter A Suivre' for proof of receipt. (My husband deals with a different RSI Caisse than mine) But you should have the info/address on any documentation received after registration.

My experience is that its all a bit of a nightmare really and no matter how much I read about this subject, its different for different people.

Oui - MDR!

My story was pretty straightforward, I registered as AE, then received a letter from the ram saying I was now with them and that I would receive the card vitale paper after a few days. It did, stuck my pict… And I received it a couple of weeks after. You should have the number of the ram on the correspondence from the RSI you’ve received. Or go on their site, and find the number of your local office. Good luck.

"to provide better and localised customer services. . . . "

Tres amusant Jo!!

Hi Sue,

Waiting for your carte vitale a long time is normal in France, but 2 years is getting long. I would call/write your RAM office (as far as I understand it, RAM is the executive office for RSI). To know which one to call, go to Ours is also the one in Bourges (we live in the Auvergne), it seems to be the central office for Profession Liberale. We had to write an angry letter after 2 years of waiting, calling, writing gently, and that worked.

I'm registered as an auto-entrepreneur (profession libérale), waiting since June 2012 for the carte vitale. It's still in the works and could take months until I get it. However, through some detective work and then some kind advice from a medical lab technician, I was able to quickly obtain a letter from RAM called an "Attestation d'ouverture des droits", which proves I am covered by the French system and allows me to access medical services as if I had a card. Wish I'd known this months ago, could have saved a fortune on the private emergency medical insurance I've been carrying.

Unless you are in the Ile-de-France region, I found out that auto-entrepreneurs in our category need to deal with the RAM office for professions libérales - Provinces. It is in Bourges, in the département of Chér (18), in the Centre région. I have the telephone number, perhaps I should not post it here, but you can contact me if you wish. The office was very helpful over the phone and I got my letter two days later - and I'm far from there, in 06, so a visit would have been difficult. Hope this is of help to you.

URSSAF is currently regrouping its offices into regional branches to provide better and localised customer services. From 1st January 2013, the twelve new regional URSSAF branches are:

  1. Urssaf Alsace
  2. Urssaf Aquitaine
  3. Urssaf Basse-Normandie
  4. Urssaf Bretagne
  5. Urssaf Champagne-Ardenne
  6. Urssaf Ile-de-France
  7. Urssaf Languedoc-Roussillon
  8. Urssaf Limousin
  9. Urssaf Lorraine
  10. Urssaf Nord-Pas-de-Calais
  11. Urssaf Picardie
  12. Urssaf Poitou-Charentes

You will now be able to go and meet up with an advisor to discuss your situation. Any advisor from your region should now be able to access your account and answer your queries on the phone. This was previously only possible within your own department (not region). The URSSAF helpline phone number is 3957 (0,118 € TTC/min).

However, I have a neighbor who went to RAM and they gave her husband his attestation right then and there. They started the process in October 2012. Your RSI office will know where RAM is for your area. Bon courage! I am also waiting for my carte vitale since October 2012.

Hi Sue, I didn't go anywhere. I registered with a doctor, still no carte vitale after 5-6 months. I was taken into hospital and within three weeks my carte vital form was posted to me, all I had to do was add my photo and sign the form to say the data was correct and send a copy of my passport, a couple of weeks after that my card arrived by post.

I am not positive the hospital visit was what started the process, I suppose it could just have been a coincidence, but I have heard of no other AE going through the simple process I went through. Like yourself I am registered as a Professional Liberale. The form was sent from and returned to RAM.

Not sure this helps, bit drastic having to pay a hospital a visit to move the process along!!

Hi Brian, thanks for that. I have also been told to go to my RAM office. Next part of the mystery, finding the RAM office!!

Thanks Cecile, I'll try to see them tomorrow. Now to find my nearest office??

Do not contact - simply go to URSSAF and politely enquire but then stand your ground until you get an answer. The Carte Vitale story is a mystery, we got ours in weeks but people in this group will tell tales of years...