Autoentrepreneurs - Petition to sign

Please like and share as widely as possible and sign this online petition : against the attacks on Autoentrpreneurs surprise taxes, limiting length of time that builders can be AEs....there is also the FEDAE social network you can join for free and keep upto date (in French).

My turn to say thanks for saying it for me Andrew. If nothing else works then do what we call a 'razzia', turn up unannounced and demand answers. If none are forthcoming ask for somebody more senior and you should walk away with a smug little smile if you are as lucky as we have been.

Easiest way round it for AEs is to do everything through their local URSSAF which is what they're there for ;-)

Thanks for posting this, the RSI are by far the most troublesome organisation as far as we have experienced. They change rules add hock, frequently give out false information, "loose" documents and whole dossiers and are very hard to communicate with, often sinking below the racist line.

Yes Indeed :)

I'm still using my carte (well I've only had it for 3 months but hey, it simplifies things), I'm just waiting for it to bounce one day!!LOL :)

CPAM to RSI took about a year for me and a bit longer to get my new carte vitale but it wasn't a problem as while it hasn't been changed you're still covered under the existing scheme ;-)


no idea myself, but equally expecting 'shocks', but together we shall fight them on the beaches etc...or was that the other lot?

thanks guys, my lucky start must have been shining on me when they got my file!LOL (still it's not all pink and fluffy, the transfer of social security from one system to the other, doesn't seem to be going as smoothly.) Anyway, thanks for your knowledge and reassuring words.


Downer, back out time.

Maybe, it is a lottery. Talked at a jelly meeting where there are two groups: those with only problems and those with no problems. We have had the former and stayed on top of it. We are very willing to combine shopping trips with a raid of their office and shout them down if necessary. Be optimistic and wish yourself into the latter group. In itself I would rather have this that the chaotic accounting system the tax people demand in the UK where we were constantly at war ('one of you is employed but working self employed as well and the other self-employed with a small regular 'wage', so why don't you both just work at a PAYE job' type of questions, backed up by 'since you are married, the self-employed husband could pay all of that...') as well, so stick with this with hope in your heart.

No - at last they know what they're doing, that's exactly how it should happen but it's taken them three years to get there. those of us who have been AE from the word go have "suffered" no end of hassle when it should have been the same experience as yours!

Good moaning :)))))

Brian and Andrew, i'm starting to panic here!! LOL I've set up my buisness under the AE scheme, and so far, i've never been asked for sums of money from the URSSAF. The only thing I've received is a self declaration, where I had to calculate myself the amount of money I owed them. Am I missing out something here? Am I in for a big (nasty) surprise down the line?!! (the whole thing went so smoothly by French standards that I've become paranoid)

that's the problem - they keep the payout too!!!

Morning Ron and Brian ;-)

IF, IF 'ollande gets in then he has so much to do that this will be so far down the list I suspect our grandchildren might see something change. On the other hand, if FN got it we would all be abolished anyway, so why worry!

What's the jackpot? I'm in if it is a PAYOUT!

Hi Andrew,

thank you for a prompt and exacting response, I should have trawled back sorry. That info alone has put my mind at rest.