AVAILABLE - Hot tub spa for sale!


Seating: 4 people
Width: 1.69 meters
Shape: Round
Material: Fibreglass

Hot tub with a two-speed pump, volume aerator and inline heater with a temperature adjustment of between 26 °C and 39 °C.
The hot tub comes with an instruction manual for the simple controller and in three languages (English, French and German).
The wooden surround is made of upcycled wood and comes as part of the package. It bolts together in two halves and is easy to disassemble and reposition.
The hot tub was removed from its fixed indoor position and is now a standalone structure which is fully operational and can be put wherever you can find the space.
This is a collection-only sale, so you will need a van, please use the measurements below as a guide.
We are located 2 miles outside Montaigu de Quercy, 82150
Please email me at darrylmhiggins@gmail.com
Price – reasonable offers accepted

Hot tub
Width: 169 cm (1890 mm or 1.69 m)
Height: 93 cm (930 mm)
Wooden Frame: 200 cm (2000 mm or 2 m) maximum width.
Material: Fibreglass
Seats: 4 people
Controls: Aquamarine / SpaForm Lite Leader control system.


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Hi Darryl - I have emailed you…