Average cost at the DREAL for a reception a titre isolee

I’ve gone through 4 - started with an '89 V6 (with digital dash) that got totalled by some old coot in his Lada while it was parked, then had an '87 V8 that I traded over for another '87 V8 because engine was in better condition (while my “original” had a better interior, guy wanted to do an engine swap anyway so worked out), then the '93 V8 because I liked the look better. Sold it to my buddy for a decent price, etc. etc.

I’ve decided to not do it after all, there’s no CoC with it, only a Dutch type approval which is nowhere near the same thing and won’t translate properly anyway. On top of that my buddy kind of admitted that he may or may not have done proper maintenance to it in the past few years, which means it’s due for a round of shocks, brakes, and belts which will just put the final purchase price at a point where I may as well buy a “fresh” one in the states to have imported - and that’s most definitely not in the budget.

Selling it in the UK will be difficult, it’ll sell in Germany, but in the end if my buddy can’t sell it he’ll probably take it to the wreckers instead, sad ending but coughing up about 150 euro/month just in road taxes, and fuel being around 1.60/liter it’s not a car you keep when you’re on a tight budget.

Can see you have had a change of heart Ben but fingers crossed we have nearly managed to re-register our Turkish registered Fiat Doblo. So far has cost 220€ for partial cert of conformity from Fiat France, a fee of 86.90€ for inspection by DREAL who then spoke to Fiat. They issued a further cert of conformity at no charge covering everything except brakes. For that we had to take it to Montlhery on the outskirts of Paris. Test cost 660€. DREAL have issued Titre Isole and now submitted for immatriculation. Only other cost was Controle Technique. Incidentally, at Montlhery there was a park filled with american cars with french plates. A company specialised in importing them. Hopes this helps if you think of ever going down this route.

Just a thought here but as it was an EU homologated car rather than a US import it might be worth contacting Ford France to see if they can provide an attestation de conformite. If not DREAL should be able to supply one without too much trouble.
If it is a US spec one it might need the french equivalent of single vehicle approval which can be quite costly.
So Ford first then DREAL before giving up!

I actually spoke with them a while ago and they said they can’t do an attestation since they (Ford France) never imported these cars to France - Ford Netherlands said they can’t do it either. The original dealer has said they can’t do it as well since it’s Ford’s problem so that’s going nowhere in a hurry :slight_smile:

But it’s already solved itself, buddy found a buyer locally so I told him to go ahead and sell it to that person, like I said in a previous post, I kind of have enough motorised entertainment floating around already, so it’s not a super big deal that it didn’t happen :slight_smile: