Avis d' Impot - 20P

Thank you.

All sorted in a couple of minutes. She also said that lots of people had made the same mistake. Made us feel a bit better anyway.

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Ok found it , translated it, read it. Still don’t understand it!! Is it only to do with CGT or have I not understood correctly?

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This is from the impots site,

Daft question, perhaps. I signed a mandate for monthly prélèvements to pay my impôt sur le revenu last July (2018), all has worked smoothly. I even got a refund (don’t tell on me!). :roll_eyes::grinning:

I’ve received my avis for the coming year, but do I have to actively renew the mandate every year or is it good to continue without further action by me?

There has been no change of personal circumstances or bank details in the interim. But the online information doesn’t seem clear about this, and I don’t want to fall foul of the system.

Hi Peter.

Once you’ve handed over your bank details, that is it. Should your bank details change, then you would need to send a new RIB. :wink:

Got my written confirmation this morning. The “corrections” (2OP etc) I made to my Declaration, online on 26th August, have been accepted and I shall be getting a refund… yippee.

Seems it is not only Brits who did not understand (or even notice) the 2OP bit.

Many French folk have been up-in-arms at finding themselves paying too much through either crossing the 2OP box … or NOT crossing it.

Still not sure whether it was an easy mistake to make or not? Any way in our case putting it right more than halved our bill :clinking_glasses:

I don’t understand it either.

Me too, have read through the thread twice and none the wiser.
I see on my Impots personal space that my 2019 declaration For year 2018 is marked as can currently be corrected if I feel it is incorrect but all the figures seem to correlate with my original submission by my accountant.
So what does this 20P box a actually do and is it relevant to only certain circumstances?

Box 2OP is allowing a choice:

For a High Tax Payer (paying who knows what, 20,30,40… 60%) IGNORING the 2OP box = gets their bit of French Investment Income charged at a basic 12.8% (and a few other bits) at source, regardless of the higher percentages which their Gobal Income attracts. So they win because the Investment Income is dealt with separately.

For someone on low income, possibly zero tax - “CHOOSING” 2OP allows any French Investment Income to be grouped with normal income and taxed as one lot and could still mean zero… so the blanket 12.8% etc which is deducted at source - is then refunded by the Tax Folk - yippee

This is a rough outline of it, as I understand it.

The Tax lady did say that many Foreigners do not have investments in France, so 20P does not need to worry them.

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Many thanks Stella, I understand now :+1:

I’m a newbie to the site and have a question.

I bought a house in France in 2006 as a holiday retreat and every year have paid a bill for Avis D’Impot.

This year I’ve recently received the bill for 692 euros but understand that the rules may have changed. I live and pay tax in the uk and have no income in France. Do I still have to pay all or some of this bill? If not how do I go about resolving this?

Advice gratefully received. Thanks

Hi Tessa
Is the bill for taxe foncière?
If so, it is the UK equivalent of Council Tax so yes, you must pay.
The other tax is 'impôt sur le revenu which is income tax which you might not have to pay.
The type of tax is usually noted at the top of the bill.

Hi Tessa and welcome to the forum.

As Graham suggests - the bill you have probably has this heading:

"Direction Générale des Finances Publiques
Avis d’Impôt 2019
Taxes Foncières
Votées et perçues par la commune, le département et divers organismes. "

and will be “the owner’s tax” - best way to explain it.

You will receive a second bill later in the year, which will say Taxe “d’habitation” instead of Foncière - that will be the tax for dwelling in the property from time to time…

Hope this clarifies things a bit… let us know if you have any more queries.


(Some property taxes have changed - for Permanent Residents.)


I always used to write a message (about my exemption) on my Impot/Tax Declaration :wink: there used to be a special box where one could write all sorts of additional info…

Thank you both. This is really useful and I appreciate your taking the time to help me.

Thank you - very useful and I appreciate your taking the time to advise me.