AXA Assurance renewing my contract for home insurance

I have an account with AXA assurance. They are renewing my contract again and I just got the bill. The thing is, they have signed me up for 1 more year, ending in September 2021. I will move out of my apartment in February 2021 and I do not want to pay for the rest of the year. How can I communicate this with them? I did my insurance completely online, how do I know which agent to go to in my city (Caen, Normandie)? Sorry, I am very lost.

You should really have changed to monthly payments when you got your renewal notice. Read what they sent you carefully to see if this is still an option.

Also check your contract for how to cancel. Normally you have to give three months notice that you wish to cancel your insurance, sent by registered post to the head office. You will then , in due course, get any refund due to you for the extra months (less admin fee often).

If you pay annually it is hard to change it to monthly payments mid-year.

Bummer, good to know now, thanks for your help. Do you think it’s possible to speak to someone in person and do something about it? I can afford to pay the extra months but seems dumb to lose another ~40 bucks to french bureaucratic processes.

Hi Tony

is this the renewal notice for September that you have received… sounds like you might have time to amend to monthly payments.

it’s only 9th August… so there might be time…

the document you have received should have contact details on it… take a good look…

(my latest “appel de cotisation” says I have 20 days to cancel/amend…)