BA 5 infection

So BA 5 is running rife through Europe and the UK, mask wearing is being introduced again in France albeit not compulsory but rates of infection are right up the top again but no one on SFN has mentioned it, are we all immune to covid news now?

I’ve been keeping the France Daily thread as up to date as I can…



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Stella has kept the news going. Thanks to widespread vaccination the numbers of those hospitalised and dying are greatly reduced, though by no means eliminated. Omicron seems to readily reinfect, vaccination offering better immunity than previous infection, so it’s likely that this is not going away.

For anyone who is interested… there are all sorts of reports etc in the link below.
This is just one of my daily-news-sites… and I wander through… trying to get facts/figures rather than waffle… :wink:

Prefectures are sending out reminders to folk…

and, with all the coverage, I wouldn’t have thought many folk (in France) could be unaware that there is a rising problem/danger…


…likely to increase with influx of visitors during the summer season.
tbh, we haven’t dropped our guard on mask wearing - even though in the supermarkets etc others seem to have done so but that is no excuse. Was picked up the other day by Ambulance car from Angoulême and the passenger - an elderly infirm lady in the front seat - had taken her mask off. The driver (who was wearing a mask, as indeed were we) told the lady to put her mask back on before she would move off.
Mask wearing and checking the pass sanitaire is still rigorously enforced in the hospital and rightly so.


If I recall correctly, only a short while ago France did arrive at the situation where there were zero Covid patients in Intensive Care… but that is sadly no longer the case.

Well aware of it - I know several people who have it at the moment and the FDJ are delaying sending me my VIP pass for the Tour de France as they’re not sure if VIPs will be allowed into the village this year due to covid or if they’re going to have to insist we get tested or not :frowning:

More people are spontaniously wearing them in the shop now too (whilst others tell me it’s all over and to stop hassling them with limiting numbers etc.!


I’m up for Jab 4 this afternoon.


Vanessa tomorrow… mine has to wait (treatments intervening).

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I had to pop up to Paris on Wednesday, only à few people on the train going up & back wore masks, same on the metro. I didn’t wear one either.

I get the impression that many people simply don’t care anymore. We’ve started putting the masks back on to go to the supermarket/shopping centre. Am pretty certain that the neighbouring workers in our wing of the office building have had Covid again…

I thought the Govt were imploring people to wear masks particularly on public transport… whilst not yet mandatory, it may not be long before they introduce legislation again to make it so if people don’t heed their plea.
tous responsible :slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed… the message is loud and clear… from the Prime Minister et al…

France is not the only place enjoying a little rise:

Just tried to book my fourth jab. Only place in town doing it is a pharmacy and only Friday afternoons. So first available date - 29th July! Thought I’d come back and book on Doctolib - only offering me appointments for 1st or 2nd vaccine! Tried googling 4th vaccine. Got the govt website and told “trouver un point de vaccination près de chez vous” to be told “pas de resultats” “la page que vous avez demandé est introuvable” Not great. Also shows no-one is really getting serious about this.

which department?

(I hope you took the appt… you can always cancel if you find one sooner…)

Yes I did. :slight_smile:

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is your Dr’s surgery doing them?

No. :slight_smile: