Babies and Happy Families

(stella wood) #1

I’m always relieved when a Baby is safely delivered… friends in Australia have just gained a daughter (yippee) … which brings great joy to family and friends…:hugs::hugs::hugs:

This family is similarly overjoyed… and I wish them well…:hugs:

(Helen Wright) #2

I’m awaiting the safe delivery of my 5th grandchild at the end of July…x :slight_smile:

I’ve always had a soft spot for William and Harry…and especially Harry for some reason…

I love that they broke with tradition and that Meghan wasn’t embarrassed to appear in public for the first time in a dress that accentuated her after delivery motherly curves… and I really like the name they have chosen for their little one…x :slight_smile:

(In the hope that all the world’s children can be born into a brave new world of love and compassion for how special and unique they ALL are…:heart:)

(stella wood) #3

Archie … :slight_smile:

(Nellie Moss ) #4

It has been commented on in the press how refreshing to see a famous mother not squeezing into size 8 jeans and someone tweeted that the only ‘celebrities ‘ she had seen with post baby bumps were Kate and Meghan. I say good for them not promoting an idealised image of early motherhood