Babies first jabs in France - how much?

Hi there....posted this on the main discussion forum but was told that you guys may be able to help me...hope so here goes....

Myself and family are moving to France (Vendee) on the 6 July weekend...coming round really quickly! ... however about three weeks before that we are due our third baby (dont do things by halves!)...

question is - we won't be on the french medical system at the time of the move, maybe just have the temporary cover (hopefully all being well) that we can get from the department of work and pensions in the UK but unsure if it covers babies first jabs.

We really don't mind paying if we have to, as unsure if even the temp cover will cover this...

question is does anyone have any clue as to how much these jabs cost? First lot is at a month old, then two and lot is at a year old which would be sorted by then anyways.

Hope someone out there may be able to help me.

Thanks so much.


ok so 2m jabs - prevenar & infanrix cost 97 euro roughly.

HI, have just seen this post 0 you might find this helpful

it is a run-down of what vaccinations kids have when

good luck with the move


Hi, you will need the ordanance (prescription) from the Dr to obtain the vaccins - ask for this in advance once you've registered - ready for your next visit. You can also ask for Emlapatch which is a square of local anisthetic patch which helps numb the area of the vaccination (usually thigh - though bcg is arm). You put it on an hour before the vaccine.

Pharmacie normally need 1-2 days to order in the vaccine depending on where you live I guess.

Keep the duplicate copy of the ordanance to send off to reclaim your expenses with the feuille de soins (sticky vignettes from medecine packaging attached).

I photocopy all my paperwork/scan it in case any issues - not had any so far though in over 2 years.

Good luck - I still hate taking mine for vaccines & I should be used to it by now. My other advice, make sure they are wearing something easy to remove & put back on easily (the Dr asks u to undress them so they can check them over, weigh & measure - very thorough) try to redress them as much as possible b4 the vaccin...its tricky enough with a newborn without them screaming after being jabbed & be ready to feed them asap after jab - soothes them instantly I've found & my Dr doesn't mind me breast feeding in her office- in fact she's fully supportive of it, if you're not bf'ing or feel uncomfortable then just have a bottle ready to go. As I said before I'm on No 3 now so I'm afraid I just get on with it...I don't worry about anyone else too much & people here in France don't seem to bat an eyelid.

My next visit is for the 2m jabs in 2 weeks time....

thank you for being so helpful....i will ask the local doctor when we get to the village and perhaps they can advise me the list of what i need to least it seems first jabs aren't until 2 months, which gives us a while to settle first! thank you girls...x

PMI - Protection Maternelle et Infantile It's for Paris but you'll get the gist, they have them everywhere. With my first baby I never contacted them but when I moved and had a second I went and they were fab. Can't compare them to anything in UK as don't live there but they did all the weigh ins, all the vaccines, all the check up and it doesn't cost anything. (Apart from you have to buy the vaccines first but they will give you the prescription) I guess it's just a mother and baby clinic.

also, depending on your doctor and if your beast feeding the first jab is either at two or three months!! I remember my daughter having aroung five if not more in the first year... She has just turned two and had another( i think she had two between first and second year.... ) if i understand correctly they seem to have more over here and not at the same times as in england, but if you go and see a pedeatricien then he/she will give you all the info!!

you should be part of social cover straight away, i am under my fiances cover and all my daughters jabs have been paid for straight up, never had to pay anything, i think with your carte vitale CPAM pay 70% and then your mutuelle covers the rest depending on what the cover is for..... Also when you go to docs, dentists etc you generaally have to pay upfront and then be reimboursed but whatever you get on prescription is normally covered directly by CPAM and mutuelle!! Good luck

wow thank you guys...what a strange way round it's going to feel...i have to physically go and buy them?! my's all going to be a steep learning curve...

i don't know we will be on the system by then, but hoping we may get some temp cover from the DWP here, but they can't guarantee anything since i can't fill in any forms til a month before we go....

but i spose it's not a huge huge amount if we did have to buy ourselves...

can i ask, what is PMI??


Also if you take the vaccines to the PMI they will do them for free. You can have all your consultations there for free as well and they are really helpful as they only deal with children under 7 years old. Much better than taking up the doctors time, especially if your doc is not particularly child friendly.

Hi Lyns

My baby is 2 months old, she's just had her BCG, I think we paid about 11euro (total vaccin was around 80 euro put French system paid the main part) next vaccins are:

2m Infanrix HEXA & Prevenar

3m Infanrix HEXA

4m Infanrix HEXA & Prevenar

You could try calling a pharmacie to ask how much these would be. We were in the same position as you a few years ago and the french/English system pays the most part of the vaccin leaving you to pay a small amount no more than around 20 euros max I recall. For Jasmine we were English registered so claimed back from Newcastle, for Izzy & Maisy we're on the French system so it goes through automatically from the Pharmacie to RAM Gamex (based on our Attestation de Sante's - we still don't have our carte vitales). We now have top up insurance so we claim back the difference between the part the french system pays and we pay from our insurance company.

One point to note - v important to keep the sticker (vignette) off the box of the vaccin as this is needed to reclaim on the Feuille de Soin) - last time I had to run back in to the Docs for her to rummage through her bin to retrieve it!

Hope this helps.

Suzanne x

I don't remember exactly - you actually buy them from the chemist and take them to the doctor - don't remember them being too bad. However, the brown form you get is valid for 2 years - so if you keep them you will, once you are in the system get a refund..