BAC Results - 2019

Phew, after all the turmoil, fingers crossed for all the kids today.

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Now does anyone know precisely what “Passe” means in this context? Just looking at the BAC results for the child of a friend of ours. He is down as “passe” rather than “admis”. So does that mean pass in the sense that success has passed him by, ie he’s failed? Because if he has failed then far better not to mention it as she will be devastated!

It’s bloody confusing, a friend’s son got an ‘admissible’ which apparently means he has to do a quick ‘re-set’ on Monday, they’re not confident and not happy!

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He will be down as ‘passe 2ème groupe’ that means he failed but not by much and has a chance to do a viva in 2 subjects of his choice on Monday or Tuesday, in order to try to improve his mark and hope he passes.

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Under 7.99/20: outright fail, do it again next year if you want to
Between 8 and 9.99: passe 2ème groupe- you get a go at improving your mark as described above
10-11.9 - admis
12- 13.99 - admis mention Assez Bien
14- 15.99 - admis mention Bien
16 - 20 - admis mention Très Bien


Thanks. I won’t go round with a cake then!

My daughter got a mention très bien in her Bac S today - best result in the school - amazing since she’s working in her second language (she came to France at the start of collège).


Well done her!

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Her achievement should be encouraging for any parent worrying about bringing older school children to France.

Your daughter is to be heartily congratulated. :relaxed::relaxed:

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Bravo and congrats to your daughter. Really impressive achievement. Hope she has a wonderful summer after her hard work. What is she going to do next?

Many thanks Caroline (& Véronique & Stella) - she is going to grande école, initially in Rennes, to study chemistry. (I’ve told her she has to discover the carbon capture, alternatives to plastic, etc alternatives that will save the world from the mess my generation has made of it…)