Back Pain - do you suffer and what do you do to help it?

All this rain means I cannot do as much walking as I need and my back/sciatic problem is becoming more pronounced.

Looking for solutions/help … I have found this site and will be trying out these yoga poses … :thinking:

Do you have any special tips or routines you follow ??

Slightly off topic stella, but didn’t I read somewhere this week that CPAM have withdrawn reimbursement for a particular drug in France for back pain which they refer to as ineffective?

Quite possibly so, Graham… they are cutting back on a lot of stuff (with good reason).

I don’t take drugs for my back/sciatic problem… I have learnt how to control it to a certain extent, but am always looking for new, improved ways.

I had a friend (once!) who had a back problem… he couldn’t get off it :rofl:

Thanks Graham… I needed a laugh after watching the Trump interview…:zipper_mouth_face:

I have to do a set of exercises every day that my physio set me. They are for prolapsed disc/sciatica problems. It took a long time to become pain free and I have occasional recurrence but mostly I’m pain free and can do anything I like. Very important to do them every day though.

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are they anything like in the video link ?

No Stella, and as there are many different reasons for that type of pain, I personally wouldn’t recommend doing anything unless it had been recommended by a phyisio or similar.

Many of the bits on the video are similar to those my kiné man does already. I will check with him (as you suggest) before doing anything rash.

(so glad that CPAM/Topup covers the charges… wouldn’t want to be forking out for the number of sessions I have had (for various reasons) over the years. )

Is a kiné man like a chiropractor?

Kinésithérapie is physiotherapy… we say kiné …for short.

My chappie is wonderful. I was very apprehensive at first… I never had anything like it in UK…but now… I am trying to persuade him to move to our village…:grinning:

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Yes, I suffer a lot and often from back pain . Mostly due to having to lift mum in and out of the shower and the car, and lifting her wheelchair into the car.
I generally try to ‘work through’ it as it’s as bad resting as moving and I hate being static. Thai Chi and Chi Gong
help though.
My ‘partner’ has a Zen room with a massage table, he blends essential oils and when things get too bad gives me an excellent massage.
Last year, just before a week’s holiday with mum, I was really bad and found difficulty in getting in and out of the car and walking . My Thai Chi teacher loaned me a spinal cushion (to be used twice a day) it really did help and I took it on holiday, bless him he saved the day ! :slight_smile:

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Hi Mandy… my OH has a belt to support his back when he is doing anything like heavy lifting (not that he should be). He likes to chop kindling as well and it really helps keep his back in place.

At the time of first needing it, we felt it was 45 euro well spent . Our local pharmacy took great care to ensure it was a correct fit. (Our Doc said he would have given a prescription, if we had asked…but never mind… )

My back pain was caused by faulty lifting after an operation in the UK.
I cannot stretch because the operation was for endometriosis and I still have abdominal adhesions. I use Reiki and painkillers if necessary.

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Drugs, surgery and more drugs, and now a belt to wear, but the belt seems to make it feel worse sometimes.

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Oh dear, Mark… doesn’t sound like much fun. Is the belt fitting properly now (just a suggestion) ?

First post (after moving here from U.K. in June 2016)…I highly recommend CBD oil…I first bought it for one of our border collies…she’s 9 and was showing a little stiffness…Her improvement was quite startling so I started taking it myself for a stiff shoulder and a tendency to easily put my back out doing the most mundane things…My partner who is still in uk at present had suffered with his arthritic knee for years so he started taking it too…one drop morning and evening and although it can take up to 6 weeks to see an improvement he too was relieved of pain within a week…brilliant stuff…x :slight_smile:

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Am I right in thinking this is Hemp oil (Chanvre) if so it’s rich in omega-6 and omega-3 !

Nice to hear from you Helen… and I cannot resist asking… do you have glossy hair and a wet nose… ??? :heart_eyes:

Seriously, what you are taking does sound interesting…

Yep that’s the one…cbd oil cold pressed from the hemp plant so only trace amounts of THC…(THC has a technical name but can be remembered easily as “the high causer”…) We got Ours from Canine Health Concern in the U.K. but there are many European outlets…x :slight_smile: