Back to France thank goodness!

Having lived near Quillan for five years and then returned to UK to be near elderly parents, I think you might want to call your site Survive Coming back to UK! Things have changed somewhat here now. Everyone lives with things plugged into ears, books on Kindles (where is the paper?), IPADs, phones strapped to their bodies etc. Sueing people seems to be the thing to do so no one can sweep their pavements in the snow in case they are sued! Difficult to get car insurance as had been out of UK for over two years - never heard such nonsense. Suffice to say coming back to live in France again in January next year to become sane again and meet people who speak to each other in the street and dont look the other way. OK paperwork still a nightmare in France, still battling with different language (but how I missed the french language) but people seem more happy with their lives without all this technology and suspicion. What do others think?

This is what I was told to me by my neighbour so I presumed it was right!!!