Back to the Lot

My wife Sarah & I moved to the Lot in 2001 where our daughter was born. We turned our house into a B&B. Five years later we moved back to California, kept the house and visited as often as possible. Now we are going back again and dropping our 10yr. old in the nearby 'one room schoolhouse' and reinvigorating the B&B. I will run the B&B while Sarah continues working in California until we can generate finances from here. It is no small sacrifice that we make for our daughter and dream of living in France together again.

Please check out the blog that I have created which will chronicle our travails. There is a link to the B&B website there.

I hope to welcome some of you there and continue to enjoy the debate on survivefrance. Thank you for all the fine advice and community provided by all.


It's a '77 Citroen 2CV6...not the orig color but one of the colors used that year...Bamboo Vert...I think..It was totally overhaulled 2008...

I will have to look up Autoire...hope all works out for you...this group can help out with lots of your trials and tribulations...wish that I had known about it when I was trying to get things in order here.

love the car. It's a real 70's color- neon green was that the original color? We are in Autoire

Hello Glenn, best of luck and lots of patience to you. I am also an American trying to make a go of it in France. It's a wonderful dream that we must keep alive. We are a few hours south of you in the Tarn. Looking forward to your updates.

Howdy, Glenn…I was from Castro Valley…now in the Gironde…La Sauve and 2nd house in Bazas…so where are you in the Lot? Been here for 14 yrs.