Backup and restoring Android smartphone

I would like to swap Catharine's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for my Motorola Moto G. How do I do that without losing all of her setting and contacts?




Samsung Kies software does it a synch - just got files off my broken tablet to the phone first thing this morning. Took two minutes (thank goodness it is only the casing and screen damaged) and is easy to use.

I pleaded total ineptitude (decrepitude) in the place I bought my Samsung and they just connected it to my old Nokia and five minutes later I had everything on the new phone. It sometimes helps to be an OAP :-))

I transferred my contacts from an HP Data Messenger to a Nokie Lumia 610 through Bluetooth by "pairing" the phones. Can't remember how I did it but I suspect it involved user manuals and some sort of "wizard". I was surprised it worked, but it did - simply and flawlessly. Don't know about music and other stuff you may have on the original phone but presumably there's some way of transferring all this through Bluetooth. Good luck.

No James, I took my old contacts from a Nokia to the Samsung so there is some kind of interface. Things is that I can't explain because I have forgotten how I did it, but then I only ever follow menus rather than look at the manuals and if it works for me then I imagine it will work for you.

I expect the Google backup that is enabled will do it (at least to some extent). If I use Samsung backup presumably it will want to restore to a Samsung device?

Can't you download to a computer? I thought using the Samsung Kies software for Galaxy models it was possible.