BAD girl at the bank

Over the last few months I have discovered the crazy fees which my bank manager has charged me during the last year and this Formular Zen came to light.

Most people including other banks were not familiar with it.

The charges wer put down to high no of tranasactions with a card.

Now I find that the bank manager has taken away my At a distance facility without

telling me. This is a way of deducting deposits:payements from a client without having the

card actually in your posession....AND it is with the authority of the bank manager to arrange this

with the card machine co....AND suddenly take it away.

Apart from changing banks...ANY other comments or suggestions from the wise SF TEAM?

more to the point, keep it as profitable as possible, the maison de la presse had staff and an ebe (pre-tax profit) of 96.OOO€ while this has no staff and a profit of 152.000€ so the choice was fairly easy, especialy as it's close to family and friends !

yes keep it small.

No staff.

no coffee Barbara, just fags, loto and bonbons, we've dropped the two maison de la presse we were negotiating for for a straight tabac, much smaller, not as "noble" as books but much less hassle and better figures!

On that note will you serve coffee in a simple form.

people seem yto gather around at tobacs and maison de presse?

Do you need a business account Barbara? they cost so much more than a private account no matter which bank you go to. I'm an AE and run everything from a normal private account, with la banque postale, which costs me 2€ a quarter, I have a free credit card from a different bank, free internet banking. in short I pay around 8€ a year for all my banking needs...

If however it's a full on business account with high cashflow etc then a few hundred € a year is quite normal - we've budgeted for 700€ a year for the business I'm taking over late this year ;-)