Badly explain your job!

Let’s see if we can guess your job!

I melt metal and put it with wood for people to eat off, or sometimes to sit or lie on.

Ahh, but we’ve seen some of the things you’ve made…so makes it easy.

I make a mess outside people’s houses, and then make it unmessy.



I often make messes using big machines…although these days it’s not me actually making the mess but big burly men and women, and I just give them bits of paper.

Construction site manager!

Pretty close…forgot to add that the bits of paper have my scribbles on them, but close enough.

I make silk purses out of sows’ ears :joy:



Of the landscape variety…


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I can categorise coughed-up human gob in at least five (more like ten or twelve) specifically different, life-enhancing and detailed ways; and know the value of collecting said gob in blue-glass wide-necked screw-top bottles for seven consecutive days.

I’m also quite handy when it comes to stitching people up, when the occasion arises.

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My job was often described as the basket maker or toilet seat lady.

Images of big leather collars for cart horses come to mind, as they are sort of toilet seat shaped…baffled!

uh huh, nothing to do with horses unless therapeutic riding is an option.


Lie-detector operative, Darren? :thinking:

Or, more cryptically, Jeremy Kyle Show “heavy”?

Hero to some, villain to others.

Making sure my clients sleep well, so I can sleep well.

At the end of the day I can clean my mind and body.

Always try to avoid bringing my work home with me. Did it once and slept on the sofa for 4 days!


Wendy-cooper…occupational therapist?

If replying to Robert you could be right in a sense, he certainly gets rid of undesirables :slight_smile: