Bank Account Fraud

Phew… fraud is getting so sophisticated now… :thinking:

It was quite well thought through - the fraudster called her phone company to get her 'phone re-directed to a mobile, then called the bank.

When the bank then called the account holder’s number they didn’t realise they were talking to the fraudster.

But they marked the transaction as suspect, disallowed a second transaction in the same call because the fraudster did not know the answers to security questions and still would not refund the customer for the first transaction.

Banks need to wake up and “get” the fact that they can and should be blamed for this sort of thing - all too often they try to claim it was somehow the cstomer’s fault.


Such a worry, we dont’ do any banking at all on mobile phones, nor use Google Play so hopefully can stay safe!

We do but generally we use both our phones for one time use verification codes - ie the code required for one is generated from the other and we use biometrics (fingerprint reader).
It can be defeated as the article says:

“The only leg up users have is to pay attention to the notification panel, which will show that an app called “Protection Guard” is projecting the screen”

When dealing with finance, it is essential to understand/pay attention what is going on - many of these issues arise because the customer is performing these actions by rote in a laissez faire fashion.