Bank account - is there such a thing as an uncomplicated and cheap account I can open?

This looks promising Adrian

I have an account with la banque postale very good service one debit card , 15 euros a quarter.


If you only need the account for utility bills and you don't need any credit cards it doesn't need to cost you anything. All you need is a cheque book and to set up your direct débits for the utilities (or you can pay by TIP). You just top up the account from other sources as and when needed. I have functioned like this for 20+ years and I am a full-time resident in France.

ING for online and La Banque Postale for face to face low-cost banking ;-)

Thanks Grahame, yes that's the best I've seen so far. Even without feeding the a/c the required amount it operates "free" subject only to a quarterly fee of €15.