Bank accounts in France

Our tenant appears to have several bank accounts, each with different addresses - and none of them with the address where she is our tenant, which is her principal address!

Does any-one know if this is legal?

We asked our bank when we moved and they were totally non-plussed and told us they would issue a new one when the old book ran out - this took over three years!

Oh any any chance of a photo of your good self please Rosie - be nice to put a face to the name! x

I always thought that is was an offence to write a cheque with an address on it that is not your current one?

Our banks have always seemed very hot on changing the address on our cheque books the minute we have moved and instructing us to return the cheque books with the old address on ASAP.

I think it is odd and I don't blame Rosie one iota for asking. I would. And as a landlady I would want to ensure that I was minimising any possible chances of non-payment.

Dear Rosie,

Sorry I did not mean to be as curt as I sounded. But I thought you had nothing to win in digging in a situation that is definitely a bit odd.

I agree it's not my problem - it's just that I thought that banks in France were pretty hot on keeping tabs, and are presumably writing to her/sending her cheques at the addresses on the cheque, which is slightly odd given that she lives a long way away.

However, not my problem! Case closed!

Has any cheques bounced? if not, this is really not your problem.

well, she has written several cheques to me from different banks - so I guess that counts as voluntary!

The only legal requirement is to hand over a "justificatif de domicile" at the moment you open a bank-account. Allthough it comes in handy when dealing with your bank you're in general not required to inform them of a change of address, but individual banks can have specific rules for that

However you knowing that she has several bank accounts with different adresses might constitute an infringement on her privacy unless she provided you with that info voluntarily ;-)