Bank Charges

We deposited a cheque for 50€ into our CA Britline account and were charged 26.50€ for doing so! The reason it was a Euro cheque from outside France, so much for the EU. We have complained to the bank as we consider this outrageous, and just wanted to make others aware!

I had similar last year, €18.50 for €128. I have just arranged for the same payment to be direct debit this year. I think plenty of us have been stung that way. That it is outrageous is putting it mildly.

Does seem a tad excessive.

Outrageous yes, but, looking on the bright side, you would have felt a lot worse had the cheque been for less than €26.50 !

You are right it is putrageous.

We have an account with Britline as well, so I shall point this out to my OH.