I am trying to make a bank transfer from the UK to France for my Tax Fonce.

Barclays will not accept the IBAN, Tax fonce will not accept that it is wrong.

IBAN number given: FR61 3000 1006 0000 5006 689 00 E0

Does anything stand out that's wrong with it?

I dont know where to go now but they are threatening legal action unless I pay it now.



I'm assuming you don't have a French bank account so I think in the long run it would be easier if you open a French bank account so you can set up a direct debit (prelevement) for your Taxe Foncieres, Habitation, EDF etc then you don't have to worry about doing individual transfers.

Hi Victoria - For France the IBAN would be:

FR61 3000 1006 0000 5006 689 00 E0

FRkk bbbb bggg ggcc cccc cccc cxx

b = National bank code
g = Branch code (fr:code guichet)
c = Account number
x = National check digits (fr:clé RIB)

Can you check your IBAN that you are using against this and ensure the branch (code guichet, account no and RIB are correct)?