Banks Mortgages repossessions 'Fair Treatment Policy'

This is by way of an early information warning and gathering...

Did you know that many Banks and Mortgage companies are signed up to a Fair Treatment Policy?

Nor did I until someone leaked it to me. They would rather put you through hell and evict you before they told you. So just in case it affects anyone ask the Bank...even go as far as shouting at the Chairman your Euro MP etc.

Sarah, you should arrange a meeting with your mortgage lender (or at the very least write to them to request a payment plan) to sort this out. I am a French mortgage broker and have never had anyone be repossessed for being one month late! There is a very specific process to follow for the banks and they will be more interested in finding a solution with you first.

You don't happen to know if this exists in France? I am one month overdue on my mortgage and if it is not paid within two weeks my banks says they will repossess.

Plus to add to the Banks Mortgages discussion I have made a simple website with ideas.