Banksy artwork shreds itself after sale


Hahaha brilliant :joy:

Incredible… I thought it was a joke when I heard this on the radio yesterday afternoon, what a funny thing to do to your own painting lol lol

I think this is brilliant. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. My favourite quote was from a gallery owner who said Banksy had managed to make Damien Hirst look like an amateur.

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Apparently the value trebled :thinking:

Putting aside the increase in value, is Banksy allowed to destroy a piece of art not owned by him regardless that it was his artwork?
Is the fact that a shredder was built into the frame enough to conclude that shredding the work was always a part of the art?
Fascinating new Vista opening up in the art world.

I have this Van Gogh for sale if anyone is interested. Was ÂŁ10m now ÂŁ30m.


Just send me a pm if interested!


Monet is the root of all evil…


would be interested if you can piece it back together