Banksy's take on Covid

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Good stuff!

I loved the way he gestured to the passenger that the carriage was off-limits due to being ‘cleaned’.

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Sorry, but it looks more like a case of criminal damage to me.

Now the train is worth significantly more due to having a Banksy - not the normal definition of criminal damage to increase the value.


It’s art mate, innit.

Transport for London (TfL) said the art was removed “some days ago” in line with its “strict anti-graffiti policy”.


Complete idiots!
A bit of joy and they have to destroy it.


That is very short sighted of them.

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Everyone will have a different view of course, but whilst I thought the rats were well done and putting across an important message, I was not at all impressed by the blue paint daubed across the end wall of the carriage with multiple paint runs and pooling on the floor.
My rough rule of thumb is that if I could do it myself then it isn’t art.

Art is not objective.

Personally, I liked it.
If it were my train I’d have taken the panels out and mounted them in the wall of my office as art.

At the same time, whilst having a Banksy mural on the train can be seen as an upgrade, the problem is that you also open the doors to anyone who thinks they can improve your train with their ‘unsolicited artwork’.

Maybe the political solution would be to claim ‘that it was commissioned and an undisclosed donation made to charity’?


Apparently TfL have said they are willing to enter into discussions with a view to a piece of topical artwork in a more suitable location.

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If every artist had thought that way… You could be a Monet in the making Robert. Have a go.

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That bloody big of them… twerps.

Technical drawing I can do but artistic drawing is a total failure for me I’m afraid. Always good to know one’s limitations.

You’re conflating art and certain notions of craftsmanship. However the video was well crafted, loved the final captions on the tube doors.

Indeed I would think that the creation of art requires a skill in craftsmanship in relation to the use of the tools and materials used. A craftsman may not be at all artistic, but surely the artist has an essential need for craftsmanship.

Bolix, if you do 't mind me saying so Robert.

Well I don’t mind you having your own opinion John but I would have thought that you would agree that it’s necessary for a sculptor to know how to use a mallet and chisel, a painter to know about different mediums and surfaces, and a wood turner to be able to correctly operate a lathe and select the correct tool for the job. Surely these things all require a certain degree of craftsmanship to enable the art to take place.

No Robert, I think a three year old can produce art. Art is IMO is not a trade.

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