Banning Foie Gras

Will this spoil Christmas for the French?

Are they? Go to Spain, Italy or Portugal and certainly in the latter we have a café owner friend in whose establsihment you actually have to go through the kitchen to get into the toilet! If a lot of food has not already made the human race disappear from the face of the planet then a few market traders breaking rules will not. Amazing what I have eaten in some countries too, much of it absolutely forbidden and largely not available in Europe. But it is ultimately all a matter of taste. A plate of beetle like insects in SE Asia tastes as good as prawn without the salt to me, and snake is far nicer than chicken without being too different to it, etc.

One "delicacy" does not a perfect Christmas make. I don't like foie gras myself but if I did..........I've been living here long enough to learn a few tricks from the locals. Do what you want and pay no attention to those stupid directives that float down from above.

Tradition is tradition and the thought of grissini (for which my OH would never forgive me) and Marmite is just not British, I mean to say. Next thing is you'll be saying is eat focaccia instead of burger buns!

Those puff things make very good packing for delicate objects being sent through the post. Bio-degradable too. Twiglets! Give people a pack of grissini and a jar of Marmite.

Agree about the torture, a ban will drive production 'underground' and prices sky high. That would be rather stupid for something that is not that exciting if we are all honest.

I eat it occasionally, not at Christmas but as an entrée in a restaurant as a rule. We have even made it at home with livers bought from a local farmer with fattened geese. Oddly enough, I prefer a paté made with pig liver unfattened but lots of garlic. PETA and whoever can do as they wish, if it is banned I will not be bothered either way. As for spoiling Christmas for the French, well it is about time they broke one step further out of the mould anyway. Now that they commonly serve roast turkey, yukkkkk!, instead of more traditional fare, they might as well have a starter like the Anglophone world: potato crisps, polystyrene like puff things or bring back Twiglets!

No! Nor will ruin it for me either. PETA and its allies can go to hell in a handcart as far as I'm concerned.

No, GO!, Fortnum & Mason!