Banque Alimentaire - helping the poor and needy

For anyone who would normally give tins/packets when shopping this weekend… but is unable to do so for whatever reason…

Special arrangements have been put in place this year, due to Covid…

Here is the detail whereby you can give a “virtual” shopping basket.


Thanks for this link Stella.

I’m part of a team, we’ve been working at our local supermarkets, accepting the donations on this special weekend, for 15 years or more… but this year I’ve had to say no.

thankfully, there is the on-line link and I am hoping folk will use it.


I always contribute, but was unsure when the collection of donations took place. Its a good idea to make it possible to donate on-line. Just another thing we aren’t doing in person this year.

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We’re off to Carrefour tomorrow. If there’s nobody collecting we’ll use the site. Thanks for the link Stella.


We have no idea yet if we are going back into the supermarkets next month or it’s paniers as usual. It’s been a few lean weeks for stuff

Nothing :worried: We’ll donate via the site instead.

They were collecting in our supermarket this morning.

collecting in Mazamet’s Leclerc this morning

From reports I am getting in, there are fewer folk in the shops locally (hardly a surprise) and the on-line is hoping to make up for the shortfall…

wherever it comes from… the help will be going to a good cause…

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I have used your link - thank you for this. Have also posted on other pages - with the hope more people get inspired,

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