Banque Populaire vs Banque Postale

I have been with Banque Populaire since I moved here 15 years ago, but their excessive fees and constant moving of the goal posts has become tedious and expensive. I am seriously considering a change. The convenience of Banque Postale is appealing as are their rates. Would appreciate any input, pro/con, from experience dealing with the bank at La Poste.

I changed to Banque Populaire after many years with CA, the latter being the worst bank I had ever dealt with.
However, BP proved to be just as bad within very short order ; constant changing of staff that deal with business customers; massive increases in insurance premiums ; little or no communication by email.
B. Postale much simpler by comparison, & they sell stamps.
Win, win.

Just my thoughts, based on my experiences.

Thanks Bob. And yes, Banque Populaire’s constant rotation of employees at my local agency is most annoying. A new face sitting at the customer desk every month and half of them have no idea how to deposit a check in a foreign currency. Banque Postale is looking better and better the more I research.