Barclays phones to say French residents MIGHT not be able to continue with them

Hi Sorry if this is an old subject but…

Last week I was called by Barclays to tell me that if UK does continue along the no-deal track, and “passporting” rights are lost, they will no longer be able to have UK nationals with French primary addresses as customers.

I am executor for my nephews will trust, so the money isn’t mine, and I of course don’t want to convert it into Euros (with the loss that entails).
I have no UK address.

Suggestions anyone?

Thank you

Maybe one of the online accounts like this …

Lloyds Bank aren’t worried about a French address… (I think)…

Why not ask some other UK Banks, explaining what the account is about and what Barclays are saying…

Or Revolut, or Bunq or lot’s of others!

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All the UK banks I have spoken to say ‘no’ to non-residents.
Could I have been asking the wrong question? “Hi, I live in France, can I open an account please?”
“Do you have proof of UK address?”
“No, like I said, I live in France”
“Sorry - next”


BINGO! Revolut looks like it does sterling! Great thanks

It does and gives you your own UK sort code / account number.

I have sniffed into it a little, and its Kremlin links, and crypto currency exposure make me want to look for something a little more, shall we say ‘conservative’.

Any suggestions?

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Each to their own… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


yup… but thanks, still digging :wink:

You said there were others? Bunq, Revolut and ???

??? Just gave you Transferwise - look at their borderless account. I think they run it from the Kremlin lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But revolut not covered by FSCS or equivalent so depends how much money you are proposing they look after.

I think we’ve been here before. It depends how important that is to you I guess - I’m more than happy with their current guarantee level.

Revolut - Is my money safe?

Frankly, I would have clearly explained the situation … why you have the Bank Account in UK… and that Barclays have told you what MIGHT happen… which is why you are looking for alternatives…


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yes, its quite a lot, so I’d prefer ‘safe hands’

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I’ve used Barclays for the last 30 ish years. Before we moved here I asked them about using the french address, they said it would be OK, but they would prefer a uk address if possible. We have always used a uk family address and had no issues.

Presumably this doesn’t apply to French Barclays? We used to have an account with them in Bayonne but changed when they got rid of our really good account manager and replaced him with a call centre one.

A phone call from Barclays of this nature should be treated with caution. Never known it before.
Opening an account with them and other UK banks when not resident there is a no no but providing you held one before decamping abroad and kept it open then no problem. I have hwld power of attorney on 2 uk accounts in last few years while resident in France with no problems. The poster should speak to Barclays and I feel sure that their issue can be easily resolved.


So who do you use know, Catherine?
Jim has just pointed out that we have to declare all bank accounts and if we have one without our french address we might have problems.