Basket cases

What is it with cats and baskets - especially those full of dirty laundry?

You know they shouldn't. They know they shouldn't.

But they do.

Just one moment's inattention and "hop" they're in.

Once is an amusing oversight as the first twin (Haribo) snuggles up and makes herself comfy.

The second time, as her sister Hayden takes over the warm spot, you realise you really should have picked the basket up and put it where it belongs.

Then after shooing them gently upstairs you discover that the older and none-the-wiser Hiro has made herself comfortable.

Now where's that complete madam Helix?

In the bread basket of course.

Where else.

How about your basket cases?

Spider thought he was bread

Brutus : it isn't really a basket but the cooler for cans

P.S. I was so sorry to read you story of Lily, when you lose an animal it's like losing a member of the family

It is always the freshly ironed heap that mine go for Bob, and Indi just loves to 'help' me make the bed, it is his favourite playtime!!

Zorro ignores laundry... but he does love to sleep in my market pannier which lives on top of a 6' tall cupboard!

Just one our two likes the laundry basket to sleep in, indifferent as to whether it's dirty laundry or things waiting to ironed!