Battle of the Budget 2023 (Frenchstyle)

Very informative post @Stella Thank you!

A little frightening that they propose to cap the gas and electric tarifs at 15% that would otherwise double :scream:

I winder if we should take the extra 8,500 gendarmes being added as a warning of economic caused social problems? I fully support the proactive action though. Ditto for the 1,500 cyber and intelligence new posts.

I’m glad to see that despite the very serious energy challenge and other unforeseen expenses that France is at least trying to keep its ecological transition agenda. Maybe because the Greens are a strong voice in the Mélenchon whatever they call it coalition?

I don’t however, really understand the part about reducing corporate tax but hope nonetheless it balances things to enable the growth forecast of 1%.

This is a good nutshell report. Let’s hope the Assembly don’t break into fisticuffs as they regularly do in Taipei

it will be interesting to see how the “discussions” pan out… these are only suggestions at the moment… the hard talking starts tomorrow

So…remind me again… what is the UK planning?

Chaos !



Is the whole world, or just wherever I live, going completely mad?