Bayonne: Bus driver left brain dead after being 'attacked over face masks'

Words fail me

Shocking news!

Mindless bleeding morons
I hope they suffer some awful fate and made to eat their dog :rage:

Yes, but not the innocent dog :cry:

Omg - Bayonne one of the places I work and normally about one of the safest places in France. Shocking.

The majority of French people have been sensible and well behaved.
Trust the BBC to pick on this one case. Guess it is a distraction from the riots at home.

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Well so have the majority of UK residents as well.


Sorry Sue, you are not in the MK mindset. France = good, all things UK = bad. Nothing else is acceptable to some.

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That is not true. There are plenty of good things about the UK, it is just that at the moment the present UK government seems hellbent on causing problems with its refusal to extend Brexit even though Covid is causing the economy to slump beyond belief.
Boris is not familiar with the truth and should engage brain before opening mouth and inserting foot.


I am sure that the BBC is not the only news channel reporting this Mike.

Seems there have been 3 other “incidents” on public transport recently… but none as bad as this…

Need to find my rose coloured specs!!


Sadly… in all countries there’s good and bad… :flushed: :slightly_frowning_face:

but I try to home in on the good… :hugs:

at the moment… the world in general seems to have gone mad… :wink: :wink:


That’s the media for you though - French as well as British.

It doesn’t alter the fact that a bus driver merely asked people to follow the law and got his head bashed in for it. I hope that a) they catch the culprits and b) charge them with at least manslaughter.


and ugly…
Sadly the Italian composer of the films theme music has fallen off his perch

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Not everything just the current lying UK government.

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No, I am not that simple minded.
I despair over the GJs who don’t seem to know what they want, but are prepared to destroy other peoples property to get it and become very unpleasant if you disagree with them.
But in the UK, they are attacking the police and the emergency services and destroying mobile phone masts that people’s lives may depend on.
British people are not inherently worse than others. the present troubles are a predictable result of bad government.

What is MK?

We have plenty of thugs fools and shits here too, obviously. It is a bit like Greenland’s icy mountains, India’s coral strand and Ceylon’s Isle, where “every prospect pleases and only man is vile”.


Seems to be me. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Stange Mike, I thought it was Milton Keynes and was struggling to work out what they had to do with the price of fish :grin: