Bazaar situation

I Subscribe to a holday rental co and have a password and I enter with my secondary e mail

address. Always forgetting the password, three days ago I tried the usual method of contact

several times which failed.

REPORTED this to the rental web site operators who said that it almost certainly cookies

which were stopping my access and that they would send me an e mail to assist with the matter.

The e mail and a subsequent e mail never came.

3 days later and numerous calls on no success.

However, in addition to this I have had some doggy e mail addresses attached to a legitimate

entry......REPORTED this too, by the way.

The dodgy looking e mails have now disappeared.

Can anyone throw any light on this?

Would be great to understand all this.

I am not a computer person.

I know nothing about them.

First things first...Yes Owners Direct is not good and I do not rely upon

that sight for my reservations.

Although IT has surprised me with a few excellent bookings.

I am looking at . Com but I work with a specialist company which

seems to get most of my bookings.

As far as everything goes we are at the limit of our expectations and

if we move on we will need to take on staff and change our tax regime.

That is not part of the plan.

I WISH that I was able to digest the info re these machines but I have, and

always have had a problem linking info not dyslexia but something similar.

It is a pain.

Will do that change my password etc.

Bookings .com well yes

Owners direct well yes they are getting too big.

Thank you both.

Brian will come back to you to tell you more about my advertising.

CAN I hear more MR English?

if you have the time.

Brian I am with Owners direct and the provider is Hotmail.

yes the e mail addresess where attachted to the owners

direct enquiries.

No I do not trust O/D to be interested in anything othedr than their own


Back early this eve to see what you say.

Thanks for your help.


Yes my first reaction is that your PC and/or the web site have been compromised.

I cannot be certain but best to assume the worst.

Your comment "Always forgetting the password, three days ago I tried the usual method of contact several times which failed." shocks me.

If you cannot remember your password(s) and I cannot (I have 6 A4 pages, two columns per page, of user names and passwords, but they are held securely off my PC on a Memory stick which has its own security control.

So if you have not done this and forgive me if I am being patronising, then:

Step 1: Change all your passwords to at least 8 long using characters/numbers that are unique to you. For example and as I speak Welsh and Serbian I use words that make sense to me but then you have to know these languages as well but they act as aide memoirs for me.

Step 2: Go to a tech shop and have your hard disk wiped clean and then re-install your software and data files. Unless you are a techie and I guess you are not, then do NOT attempt to try this on your own.

Step 3: If you haven't got any security software on your system, then buy some and make sure that you update at least once per day. I also have key-logging controls so that any passwords, etc that I enter are automatically ciphered before they leave my PC.

I posted yesterday about my strange phone call with a gentleman claiming to work for "WINDOWS" (no such organisation exists) and telling me "I had some files that were corrupted and to link to a web site where I could download some software that would fix the problem!" No explanation required about that I assume.

As I say I have no idea what has actually happened to your PC, but I suggest you assume the worst.

The cookie explanation is "b*ll*ks"