BBC i-Player; still trying to get as reliable source

How can I download BBC i-Player on to a laptop or tablet so that it works reliably and consistently? I don't mind paying a reasonable [small] fee as long as it works properly.

There should be no problem downloading the iplayer app onto your tablet or using iplayer through the internet on your laptop. You then need a VPN or tunnel which you may or may not have to subscribe to e.g. Security Kiss, in order to deceive them into thinking you are in the UK.

I used to use ITV and Channel 4 OD as well but I find it quite difficult get consistent viewing with ITVplayer. For a start they ask for a password, then your postcode (any will do), there are lots of adverts of course and buffering, then, if you have used it quite often there is a problem with cookies etc. and you have to fiddle around with the registry to get it working again. You have to persevere and there are few programmes I want to watch on those channels.

As an aside I find that during the day I have a much weaker internet connection than in the evening so more problems.

But Hola is free and works great wherever you are from Chrome or Firefox and Mac.

I can't get my head around paying for a service when there is a good free alternative out there.

I used a VPN from (HideMyAss) when we lived all over Asia. Excellent service when I had initial problems in downloading. Highly recommend them. Can’t remember costs now, but pretty reasonable in order to get ALL BBC & ITV programmes etc!

Jane - You're right that a minimum speed around 2 megabits is generally advised for streaming TV (i.e. watching a programme directly as it is being sent from the provider, albeit on demand.) There is, however, another way. The BBC iPlayer also offers many programmes for downloading, which, within reason, can get round the problems of a slowish internet link. The actual downloading clearly will take quite a long time, so is best done overnight, but it is a way of watching the few programmes you really, really want. (You should always choose the SD (Standard Definition) versions as HD takes much longer.) Other providers, such as ITV, are also talking about providing downloads as well as streaming, and may already be doing so.

Of course, you still need a VPN or similar solution.

Hello Chris

I too am a competent computer 'user', but not a techie. I have dipped in and out of using Expat Telly with absolutely no problems - very straightforward, and a very prompt customer service from the man who runs it. Worth a try?

Good luck, Deborah

Will it work with download speed 0.5 magabits? (Probably not - laughably slow in this village) I think min is 2.0 megabits for streaming no?

I find that iPortal based in Scotland is very satisfactory and well worth the 50€ a year it costs.

Yes it's a nuisance I couldn't download any of my radio 4 podcasts once I had it on the computer. I will stick to Hola for unlocking the other countries and Film on when all else fails.

thank you Claire, I can now listen to the Archers on bbc radio 4.. no unotelly in sight thank goodness for that.. jx

thanks James I thought the same.. we're not all up with the techno info Simon!! I have no idea what a DNS ip is never mind how to change it, and to what.. or it that my problem too... I will continue with Claires suggestion, much more helpful thank you Claire..

Could you be little more helpful please Simon? 'What's your problem' comes across as quite rude!


you only have to change your DNS ip address back ...whats your problem its simple

Try here I removed it also, it was a pain.

I have a problem with unotelly, it won't let me go! I tried it for the limited period, it ran out and wanted money, as I don't use it that much I left it. Now I can't listen to radio 4 on the bbc as unotelly has taken over all media channels. It won't update the ip and just keeps flashing at me.. (some might say that's a bonus!) so my question now is.. How the hec do I get rid of it from my computer.. can anyone help please.. jx

I'll see your technical ineptitude & raise you my "haven't got a clueness" ;-)

It must just be my technical ineptitude, then.

Chris. Just tried it & it's still working for me on Hola.

Just to conclude this discussion, we tried several of the solutions you have all kindly offered. NONE OF THEM WORKED! Some of the websites were so complicated that I gave up at the first hurdle. What is the point of something so technical that an ordinary person can't navigate it? The closest we got was with MediaHint but it seems that we have to reload BBC i_Player each time we go in. By the time it is ready to play [rather clunkily] I have run out of time to use it! Fortunately, our daughter intervened and took the tablet back to UK, downloaded i-Player, and off we go!

2 options spring to mind.

1. Try opening bbc i player page and see if hola will unlock it.

2. Try googling to see if your tablet will support hola my kindle fire won't and my husbands acer tablet won't either.

I know it works on a pC