BBC i-Player; still trying to get as reliable source

Mystified by Hola. I've installed it on the Samsung Tablet. Then I typed etc into the relvant Hola page; It gives tow "how to access" choices, with a "Go" button by each one. I press Go, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Love it :-)

Yes you have to pretend you are over 18 Vic!

Thanks Clair. Just done it! . I gave my English post code & French email address, lied about my age etc & it's working fine.

I used my email here in france it didn't seem to cause any problems.

Thanks, I'll try that. I'm chuffed about the I player so thanks again:-)

EDIT. just tried it & it asks for email address. what do I enter there. As you can see I'm a computer luddite so any help appreciated.

For ITV player I sign in / register with a postcode from where we used to live in the Uk , they want it so they can adjust for regional variations they say.

Still working for me for BBC I player. Does it work on ITV stuff as they keep asking me to sign in (on) when I try?

I also use Hola which works brilliantly with both Chrome and Firefox and is free and legal the only channel that won't work catch with Hola is Channel 5 so I shall just have to live with that. Can't get it to work on my Kindle Fire or DH's Acer tablet but that doesn't worry us too much, apparently Hola does work on tablets we just happen to own the two that don't compute!

you shouldn't need to download anything just sign upfor a account then put the DNS numbers in your router settings ...job done for all the devices on your network willask you from time to time just bookmark the link to do that and click it when required it will report back in your browser that "IP address updated"

Thanks Hilary. I did the Hola thing yesterday & it works a treat (so far)

Thanks for that Tim. We have been able to stream some rugby from BBC via Filmon. However, Filmon don't carry the Irish stations. I tried Hide My Ass for a virtual VPN but it didn't seem to work on the RTE iPlayer (got message saying "this content is not available in your region"). Maybe I didn't set it up properly. Well, I installed it, went to UI and selected the only Irish option which was a Dublin based server, so it should have worked. I had no luck with Chrome + Hola either, so the common denominator is MOI !! Failed.

It means you've got decent broadband.

Not whizzbango broadband, but very decent (well at least where we are) and you should be able to stream and download iPlayer reasonably well.

So 20 Mbs is about 5 times faster than the minimum needed (we are at 2 Mbps on a good day.)

Hi Julian. I ran the Speedtest and the results are as follows:

Ping: 26ms

Download: 19.09 Mbps

Upload: 0.88 Mbps

I have no idea what this means! Help!

We have our communications, telephone and internet from UK Telecom. Our package is unlimited internet, unlimited calls to UK, France Metropolitan. It also gives us the capability to log onto their server in the UK and subsequently the iPlayers. Its a little more expensive but it all very convenient. They take care of the changeover once you have signed the contract. We have been with them for 4 years now and they also took care of our recent move.

Another reason for the lack of Hadopi activity might just be that the French Law on which it was based was revoked in July 2013. This Guardian article gives more details.

The law against copyright infringement remains, along with very stiff maximum penalties, but requires full court proceedings, not the ultra-abbreviated procedure provided by the original Hadopi law. Various authorities, including the European Parliament and the UN, had considered such a procedure, and the sanction of removing web access, as being contrary to individual rights.

With StrongVPN you get unlimited 'transfers' of location. So you can watch BBC one day, then go online and change it to the US to watch Hulu. That's in the 55$ package. Based in Scotland. 50€ a year. Very reliable - never had a problem and I'vve used it for about 5 years.

Hello Geoff,

Any VPN solution isn't really going to "hide" your IP address so much as change it to one somewhere else, usually in a different country. This may be enough for your needs. I know that Strong can give you addresses in all sorts of countries, although their cheaper options tend to only allow this to be changed about once per month. What I have found is that their OpenVPN service is extremely solid, and just keeps on working from here, day in & day out, although it should be said that my Internet connection is an extremely good one.

I understand that there are also various "anonymizing" services available out there on the 'Net, but have no practical knowledge of these at all.

Hope this helps.