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How many find much of the R4 19.30 slot, remotely funny, or entertaining, personally, I don’t! Before anyone suggests, Watch the Telly, we find that so entertaining, we haven’t got one :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Finally Bill in my humble opinion we are better without the square box. We have all sorts of entertainement at hand, books ,ordinateur, and so and so.

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I agree I do not find most of them the slightest of humour /interest

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I used to love the radio, especially the plays/serials. Now though there is so much ‘tosh’ that I don’t bother. Mum still listens to The Archers, if cricket doesn’t take it off, so at least it is of some use!

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It is even worse later in the evening after the news.

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I don’t claim to know what the age of R4 listeners is, but it seems the producers think the average listener is a ‘Very Juvenile’ one, which I seriously doubt. :roll_eyes:

I presume that you are getting Radio 4 on an Internet radio. If so make sure that it is tuned to Radio 4 FM not the Internet stream for Radio 4 198 then there is no cricket to interrupt the normal schedule.

I listen to FM on the internet, AM on the radio, I enjoy the cricket in the summer, listening in the garden Dominic :slightly_smiling_face:

I quite like the news quiz, and some of the other topical shows. But if there’s something I don’t Ike there’s so much on play again or podcasts that we are spoilt for choice.

I enjoy most of the ‘panel things’, easy listening, it’s the inane juvenile so called, comedy I can’t stand, unbelieably pathetic!

No Dominic, it’s just an ordinary portable radio, mum can’t tackle the Internet :open_mouth:

Some of the humour passes me by too. But styles in humour change with the times, I suspect. Many very popular raucous and foul-mouthed comedians attract huge audiences of youngsters, but are unintelligible to me. We’re possibly over the hill, Bill.

There are lots of cerebral and highly relevant talk and discussion features on R4, I find, like “In our Time” and items on ethics, science, and the economy. Hardly juvenile or biased.

If you have the Internet at home she needs one of these. A simple portable radio that uses the Internet.

Thanks Dominic, I will check that out :slight_smile:

I have a Roberts internet radio and it’s fantastic. That portable looks good, can you recommend a local supplier?

I bought it online. I would imagine from Amazon. It’s great quality and easy to use. One button to switch it on and I’ve set up the presets to the programmes I enjoy. It works as an FM radio as well.

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It’s the comedy I was referring to as juvinile and iane Peter :roll_eyes:

Sorry Bill. Got that wrong, but I agree the comedy seems juvenile. It’s just a matter of changing taste, perhaps, things that make me hoot leave my kids stone cold, and I can’t understand why they don’t think it’s hilarious.

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Just get a Google Home Mini (59€ -15€ until 22 April) - and listen away to whatever you fancy…

Hey Google - play me LBC 97.3:slight_smile: - simples

Google Home Mini

Will it play BBC Radio 4 at my command?