BBC2 documentary searching for candidates

SFN member and journalist Sam Brick is working on a BBC2 documentary about people moving to and from France.

Is anyone selling or buying a gite/chambre d'hôte/ski chalet/beach-type business? If so, she'd love to hear from you.

You can post here or message Sam privately and the producer will be in touch and explain all.

I am selling my house, it used to be a chamber d'votes, website google Les Grauzels.

If all goes well we are moving in July, if not July, September. We are hoping to open a gallery to sell my husband's art in the medieval town of Cordes-sur-Ciel in the Tarn. I am French but am finding it hard to work my way through the French bureaucracy in preparation for the move (I left as a student, so in effect have never lived as an adult in France!). Even harder is working out which regime to buy our house under, as France is still stuck in medieval times as far as inheritance rights for wives is concerned. The solicitor even addresses their letters to my husband instead of my husband and me! I want to be the full owner of my own house if my husband dies before me, not his daughters from his first marriage, and that seems a bit of an alien concept over there. We're still determined to move, but it's so much more complicated to move there than it was to move to the UK 20 years ago!

Does this include those that made the move a while ago at the height of the credit crunch with a story to tell, if so please contact us on Thanks

we are moving (hopefully) to France this year (under offer in the UK). We intend to rent until such time as we can find a smallholding - preferably 2-3 hectares where we can continue to hobby farm as we have done here in the UK; also act as consultants on AI and the genetic company JSR is interested in us possibly continuing this in FR. Not sure if this will be of interest as those farmers we already know in France prefer the real thing. Do not know if Sam is seeking anyone going the other way?

James, you need to specify that Samantha does not want to buy anything, she is looking for stories!

Hi James
We kicked off the sale of our Gite complex (+B&B) at the France Show at Olympia at the end of January. Moving back to the UK because of the ‘pull’ of our kids, grandchildren and ‘la jeunesse’!!

Please contact us on if you are interested. Thanks - Phil & Glyn Silvester (Brives sur Charente, near Cognac).

Hey Everyone - thanks James! My email is I'll be back on line later on this afternoon.



Samantha, I'm an Agent Commerical and have a few clients who are buying/selling gite businesses at the moment. Please get in touch if I can help at

Sorry should read 44111 TK 56


we are selling a gite complex in Central Brittany.I can be viewed on the Leggets website under ref. no.4411TK56

We have a beautiful 4 bed property for Dordogne...with land and stabling for goats and ponies...

Please let me have Sam's contact details too...:-)

I am selling my house after 26 years living here in France. It was a complete restoration, but what a view,

looking down into a valley, completely surrounded in vineyards, orchards and wonderful countryside.

Please let me have a contact number for Sam.

I am a relative newcomer (less than 2 years) to Lot-et-Garonne. Not establishing a B&B, but very involved in setting up an English language, internet radio station.

Am in the middle of buying a big barn will complete this sept,its to convert into six gites can I have some contact details please…

THE Samantha Brick?! :)

I am about to sell my house, what's the link to Sam?