BBC2 documentary series looking for business in Lot/Dordogne

Don't know if this is at all of interest to anyone...I'm working on a documentary pilot (what I'm filming at the moment isn't for transmission, just to give the suits at the Beeb an idea of what we could get - although, if people are happy, with a view to moving forward) so very aspirational and middle class for BBC2.

The series will show the reality of running a business here. We've already filmed with a couple of people who are great, but their issues are retrospective and are (sort of) solved.

I need to find two businesses who are finding French life bureaucracy etc a challenge...

Does it sound of interest? If so drop me a line at:

we have been through Calais several times in the last year, and yes those would be illegal immigrants are in evidence , especially along the 'hard shoulder' on the motorways. However when arriving at the Shuttle terminal there is no sign of them. It did cross my mind that if I was towing a caravan and using the ferry port, I would be extra vigilant, perhaps even avoiding topping up the fuel tank in Calais. But, that doesn't apply to you, so you shouldn't worry.

Have a good trip.