Be Careful if you lose your pet in the Vendée

Apparently there are reports of a fourrière in the Vendée that does not operate as it should. It is called Solution Antoine Beaufour (with a very nice website). Antoine Beaufour, the owner, was accused by his neighbours of killing the dogs he had collected or that the municipal services had given him, by strangulation, poison and blows. The neighbours heard the cries of the dogs being killed and alerted the authorities and took photos of the dead dogs covered in blood, found in a rubbish bin. This fourrière serves 150 communes in the Vendée.

The gendarmes found the bodies of the dogs, but no autopsy has taken place and the procureur has decided that there is no problem in this fourrière despite statements from the neighbours and photos that show the contrary. The Maire de Luçon also defends this fourrière. Hundreds of dogs are sent to Beaufour's fourrière - the question is, how many of them are killed in this, I suppose, illegal manner?

Apparently owners have found out that their missing dog has been killed when it was microchipped and they were not contacted at all.

There are two facebook pages on this, Solution Antoine Beaufour: Halte au Massacre and Fourrières Beaufour: des témoinages plus en plus accablants and an online petition.

Perhaps I am very late to talk about this as this affair started in 2013 and I think there has been some demonstrations and quite a few articles in the local press.