Be interesting to hear TMs response to Boris's remarks!

(Nellie Moss ) #253

It used to be :wink:

(Véronique Langlands) #254

It may be in the UK, I thought we were talking about France.

(Peter Goble) #255

Whizzo, Tim. I have a pal at Porton Down who knows how to synthesise authentic USSR style Novi-mustard and Novi-khrushchup ready for your bien-cuit retour !:plate_with_cutlery:

(Graham Lees) #256


That reminds me of a post on the old AI site about pretend Gendarmes on motorcycles stopping the English to impose false on the spot 90€ fines…

      One one occasion, an AI correspondent mused that he had been stopped by a m/c Gendarme and said to him "but how do I know you are the real deal?" to which the Gendarme patted his gun and said "but Monsieur, I am the one with ze pistolette!"

I think he paid up!

      If that's not 'ways and means' I don't know what is lol

      He had the ways and if not complied with, the means...

(Peter Goble) #257

Bien entendu, les flics ont toujours le jeu le plus fort… :police_car::raised_back_of_hand::black_joker::confounded:

(Mark Rimmer) #258

Liberals - Hypocrisy 101.

Grid girls - You can’t wear that, how dare you, ban them immediately, I’m offended.

The Burka (as the press call it) - How dare you tell women what they can and can’t wear.

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

(Peter Goble) #260

A very interesting and clever juxtaposition, Mark. It gives much food for thought. I think the grid girls look very shy of the camera, none of them are looking at it, which people usually do when snapped. The women in black burka look very severe, to me. Not intimidating, but they definitely challenge my male assumptions of how a woman “should” look. Those are my assumptions, I recognise them as a such. They almost certainly don’t coincide with how women want to be seen by me, or any male stranger.

It’s a great reflective exercise in that respect, I congratulate you on this contribution :raised_back_of_hand::ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face:

(David Martin) #261

They are not shy of the camera, it’s just a candid photograph, not posed: nobody said cheese.

(Peter Goble) #263

That makes sense, David. They might have been on a platform, looking down at fans.

(Helen Wright) #264

He isn’t Jewish and his surname isn’t Netanyahu…he’s polish and I doubt he even has a toenail’s worth of compassion let alone a little toe…x :slight_smile:

(Edited to add that you strike me as having the same spirit as my feisty Scottish great aunt…she was almost 103 when she left physical…so by my calculation we could still be here on SFN in another 23 years time at least…x :smiley:)

(David Martin) #265

Most of them are looking at something below them.

(Peter Goble) #266

The Muslim women look defiant, and they seem in solidarity with each other too. They seem to be making a collective statement, and I don’t think it would be difficult to work out what it is.

(David Wren) #267

We should guard against this kind of anti-semitic drivel. I’d expect some of your posts to be moderated unless you see fit to amend or delete yourself.

(Helen Wright) #268

Bit strong isn’t it…??? First you would have to define “anti-Semitic”…and also Semite and also “we”…

I can’t speak for anyone else but personally I’ll never be defined as the “we” who should be guarding against and I’ll never apologise for my feelings about the illegitimate state…if perchance my perspective should ever lead to me being banned from SFN then so be it…

(Helen Wright) #269

I’m guessing you don’t have friends in Gaza…??? No Palestinian friends…???

(Timothy Cole) #271

The Israel/Palestine land dispute is now so complex with differing support for both countries that it will never be settled (IMO). Anti-semite also seems to mean so many things that even a brainbox such as myself is confused, anyone care to enlighten me as to it’s real/true meaning?

(Barbara Deane) #272

Interesting point.
Just to remind every one how Christianity was born.
A religion is it a way of looking around and thanking a god for life and all it brings?
So if that is so we need to learn how to do this.

(David Wren) #273

it is complex but some posts have disappeared - whether deleted by the poster or by moderators. Most forums have policies which show where the line is so people can keep on the right side of it.

(Véronique Langlands) #274

“Areligion is it a way of looking around and thanking a god for life and all it brings?”
It would be nice if that were the case but I don’t think so, I think it is primarily for creating cohesion within a group, a particular supernaturally supported identity which defines ‘us’ and ‘them’ and justifies all sorts of appalling behaviour.

(stella wood) #275

Hi David

Our forum does have guidelines…and for the life of me, I cannot find the link… I remember reading them when I first joined… :thinking:

In the main… “Dinner-Party Rules” apply and “ad hominem” as well…

Anyone who feels a post is inappropriate/offensive (whatever) can press the little “flag” and action will be taken…