Beaujolais Nouveau - It's here

How do you find yours?

Technically, Beaujolais is Burgundy as decreed by the BIVB - Bureau Interprofessional de Vins de Bourgogne, as it is part of Bourgogne Viticole, which does include the Rhone but not the Nievre as it is different to the administrative region of Burgundy. However, ask any Bourguignon if Beaujolais is part of Burgundy and they will give you a resounding 'non' as all red Burgundy is made from Pinot Noir and Beaujolais is made from Gamay.

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Thanks Timothy, very much appreciated. I’ll send you a run down of how to get your photo up when O get to work.
Kind regards

@ Timothy, Beaujolais is not a Burgundy wine. It is made in the Rhone region of France. We live in Southern Burgundy, not in the vines, but about twenty minutes from the Maconnais, which then goes into the Beaujolais, which goes down almost to Lyon.

Dea Nick,

I am hopeles with the computer, and I would gladly upload a photo but haven t a clue how to d it! Any advice wil be welcome/ Regards, TIMOTHY

I think it’s more of the traditional celebration of it that holds most people’s attention rather than the quality of the wine Timothy.

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I cannot understand what all the fuss is about - its just a perfectly ordinary Burgundy. Now if it was Gevray Chambertin you were getting excited about, I would understand!


We are invited to the "portes ouvertes" of our local supplier this weekend, but we are busy with the festivities for a friend's birthday.

Never mind, we will be offered some when he drops by to deliver our next order of his Beaujolais and Cremant.

The price is going up to 3 euros 20 a bottle delivered and 6 for the Cremant (delivered).

I love a drop of "bow jollies" myself. Its nice and light and good with pasta. But I do agree with Brian, other than a Chateau Neuf du Pape, you cannot beat a good St Emilion. Nice to see you back Andrew - this will make us sit up and account for ourselves!!!

We once went to a Beaujolais Nouveau celebration at the Ritz Carlton on a north Florida island. Two parachutists, each carrying a bottle, jumped from a biplane which had red white and blue smoke coming from it. It was quite the evening of excellent food, fun and wine. I enjoy the wine but to each his own.

Usual Florida pronunciation - booo'shzooo'lay

in the centre of Waitrose today :)

I love that Ian. I could not imagine that happening in France - there is probably a law forbidding it.

Never forget the "chinese" Sommelier in a Hong Kong club when asked if he had ordered the Beaujolais nouveau said there was no need as he had planty left over from last year - priceless.

Overpriced and over-hyped!

Cheers Johnny ;-)

Always chuckle when I remember a friend of mine saying how much he enjoyed his bowjollis with chips.

Remember the famous Del Boy line in the wine bar - " I'll have some Beaujolias Nouveau ---- 79" !

Dead right Johnny - I used to like the fête des vins primeurs à Limoux, but they don't do it any more.

We've always liked this one but cannot seem to get it anywhere locally so may just pop into our local cave and see if they are doing the dégustation de vins again this year.