Beautiful Boy!

Fifi was abandonned about a month ago. The people who found him started the SPA process so he's been castrated, microchipped and has had his first vaccination. Then those people abruptly changed their minds.

He's with me now (at my feet, sleeping), but my fostering capacities are already maxed out. We are urgently seeking:

1. A foster family for a month so he can have his second vaccination and then go to the SPA (worst case scenario). We will provide all food and litter.

2. A permanent family with a month trial to make sure it's a good fit.

He's around 10 months and a big, strong, handsome boy. He had an unintentional meeting with my two boys and was respectful and submissive. Despite all the scariness he's been through, he is sweet and gentle. I think he understands the fix he's in. Poor darling lad deserves a chance. Please, everyone, share this message.

Melissa in Limoges - 05 55 77 16 09 - 06 20 91 59 21

Shared Melissa - fingers, toes and everything crossed!

Mr. Handsome Snuggly Darling's number is:


Thanks Lynn!

Hi Melissa,

Can you give me his chip number and I'll pass the message


Oh thank you both. I'm very upset. He can't stay here, and yet the only possibility this morning is someone (animal lover) is willing to put him in her garage.

Last night, after a cuddle and visit, when he saw I was leaving the room, he just went to his bed an lay down. But this strong, healthy boy should not be shut in a room.

Shared on my FB page, hope he finds his new home soon

He is absolutely gorgeous Melissa and deseves the best - we'll pass that message!