Beautiful old French village house for sale in the Languedoc, south of France

My son and daughter and law are selling this beautiful old village house, that has been restored. You have “l’ancien” and the modern all combined.
If you’re interested or wish to have any further information, please don’t hesitate to ask me.
Oh yes and let me know if the advert is well visible…

Very nice…
Slight error in the text tho’…‘son and daughter in law’…not ‘and’

The link works perfectly, have you thought of putting it on social media, Facebook or twitter, also on any english sites.
It is a very beautiful house indeed, clean and fresh.
Good luck to your family.

I wish it was nearer i would rent it myself for a month.

Haha…that’s very true…I’ve been in France too long …

Thanx Susan…yes they’re doing that too. But I thourght maybe people could share here too.

Yes, i am alone so nobody to share with, sorry.