Because I live in Trivy, I am a Trivygeotte. What are you called in your town or village?

Do you have a special name for the residents of your town or village?
It would be interesting to hear from you.


Le Puy Sainte Reparade………Puchien / Puchieene
Before I was in La Celle St Cloud… Celloclodoaldian


Valley of the Deaf-ite

I think I’d be a Gravéen if I was over full time

A rather obvious Loupiannaise from Loupia.

There is a gentilé for every commune and it is a ‘thing’ to know them.

I worked with a team of builders form the Savoie, that told me of a village called Bellecombe. Apparently, les hommes were called, les bellecomboit & les femmes les bellecombai… Dinner party rules, after all we’re not, in the billiards room & having a snifter.


you put up a link for regional areas? Not communes! ???

Drill down through the links, the communes are all listed (right down to the villages).


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Yes, you can.

I simply typed the name of my commune and, as I was finishing… it came up automatically…(then I clicked on it) … so much quicker for me at least…

Crevandiaux !

We don’t have one (that I could find, mind you my OH always says I don’t look properly😂) 23500 Gioux

Not all the Communes/hamlets have a “nickname”… you are not alone… :upside_down_face:

It isn’t necessarily emotive, it is just the name for someone from there. Eg someone from Foix is a fuxéen. Crevandiaux will be something like crevandolien. Bordeaux bordelais, Gioux giouxien, limoges limougeot, St Etienne stephanois, Besançon bisontin etc. Sometimes they are a bit weird eg Fontainebleau belifontain…
It is a typical general knowledge question in quizzes :grin:
(ps for Marseille it is usually held to be connard)


The place we’re moving to is called Bouteilles, so goodness knows what we’re called. What’s the French for Bottlers?

Bouteillais/es I should think.
To bottle is embouteiller or mettre en bouteille but the gentilé means pertaining to rather than doing, if you see what I mean.

I was an Albinoles and before that a Saint-Amantaises and before that a Saint-Andréennes.

I’m a Sioracoise