Becks is going to Paris, woweee!

I have just lifted an entire story but not the 4 minutes and 10 seconds long video of the interview which is just too exciting (Zzzzzz!):

'On a relatively dull transfer deadline day David Beckham and Paris Saint-Germain stole the limelight as the 37-year-old midfielder was unveiled at a news conference full to the brim with French and English sports journalists. Beckham has signed a five month contract with the club but says his salary will be donated to Parisian children's charities. Victoria Beckham and the rest of the Beckham family will not be moving to Paris as their children are now at school in London.'

I am sure the chattering classes will wish to rub some salt into imagined wounds because a pillar of Britishness has taken a job with a leading French football club. Ironically it comes at a time when one of France's great 'runners' is about to skedaddle with his top international musician, singer and actress wife and their family to London. Oh no, not an athlete but the most recently deposed, sorry meant defeated, president of the republic.

Isn't gossip lovely? Well, errr? No, but I can recommend watching Beck's interview if you are insomniac.

Oh Celeste, don't swear so much! Brand, Ross, Savile - such dirty words...

At least the standard of French club level soccer will be raised by having a big name, even though in football terms he is geriatric. I'm sure he has a few goals left in him to delight the papers and telly! I think I might laugh if Victoria Beckham becomes the 'in' fashion house in Paris after all the years of France believing itself to be the centre of haute couture to which that honour belongs.

And clearly the Sarkos are going the other way in order to make Carla into an international superstar so that her new album does even better. After all, Italian origins, born in Switzerland, married to a French has-been, living in Knightsbridgeland. Real internationalism, innit? That must be worth, ooooh, four more CDs sold.

He's probably calculated that 5 months salary is a small price to pay, to increase his after shave sales and her designer clothes turnover.

When asked, the French people contributed 93% to the "people"/commercial factor of that Becky couple and 7% to the future sportive accomplishments of David...... 'nough said.

As for the charity: the Quatary owners can deduct at least 30% of Beckham's salary from the taxes due...