Bed -bug infestations!

(John Harlow) #1

Hello everyone

apparently there is a massive bed bug infestation hitting France. We think we are ok here in the countryside where there seem to be plenty of other bugs ,but nothing quite as horrible as the creatures. We have a son in Toulouse ,who lives with his girlfriend and they have such an infestation that they are having to move all their belongings out before the councill will come in and chemically "clean" the place.

has anyone had a similar experience?

What advice can you give us.

Is there a Rentokill co. out there you would recommend?


(Catharine Higginson) #2

Dysons are fabulous and if yours is getting a bit long in the tooth I highly recommend getting a new engine filter as well as the other one - turns it into a new machine again which after a few years with a lot of pet hairs, ours needed. ship to France and the service is excellent!

Haven’t heard about the bed bug infestation but no doubt any self respecting bugs will give our hovel a wide berth - too much existing competition…

(John Harlow) #3

thanks for that.Seems we nee to “re-up*” on the preventative weaponry.I’m just about to google “Dyson Ball”
*ref. to The Wire,a have to watch series!!